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Hi, I'm Shay.

Welcome to The S Spot!

This is a positive space where I talk about sex/sexuality, publish my toy reviews/guides, and post some pretty sexy images and videos. ^_^

I also answer reader questions - so feel free to send me a message and ask me anything. (Check my archives to see what other people have asked too, maybe someone had the same problem you did!)

I've been writing for a while, so go ahead and explore my site - I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for, and if not, let me know!

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Archive for 'foreplay'

Steps Towards Enjoying Sex

“Hi  I’ve been reading your blog for a while now.  I know you can give me some advice for a problem of mine. My boyfriend and i are very close and we love each other madly, we’ve been having sex for over a year now, the problem is, i haven’t been able to get an [...]

Product Review - Sweet Celebration Box

Kama Sutra’s Sweet Celebration box is the second of the two Valentine gift boxes that those romantic people at VibeReview sent me.  Boy did Kama Sutra pack this box full of stuff!  There’s a jar of vanilla body soufflé lotion, a bottle of vanilla oil of love, a bottle of rose scented massage oil, a [...]

Kissing Science

No one can deny that kissing feels good, whether you’re kissing someone hard or giving them lighter pecks - there’s just something exciting about pressing that soft patch of skin on your lips against someone else’s body parts… and lips too. ^_~
But it turns out that there’s a little more to kissing than the delicious [...]

Tips for Pleasing a Vag

“Hello Shay I’ve been reading your post for a little while, and have have a question to ask. My girlfriend and I have moved forward in our relationship, but I don’t want to go all the way and she respects that, so we have looked to alternatives, and we have done some “digit” play and [...]

Getting Off Together Like You’re Alone

“I’m finally with a guy I’m really in love with and we have a regular sex life. I enjoy it very much and he’s fantastic in bed and out, but I find sometimes I’m horny, but just not in the mood for… Him. It seems that I have two separate kinds of horny: Horny for [...]

How Natural Can I Go With “Natural” Lube?

“We have tried various types of lubricant obtained as samples with good success but my lady is very much the earth mother type who prefers natural materials.
Her favourite toy is a rabbit which cannot be used with silicon lubes according to the label. Also she finds the glycerine based lubes too sticky, only KY is [...]

Lack of Natural Lube = No Sex? No Way!

“Hi Shay!
I love your blog, especially the product reviews. I always check to see if you reviewed a product I’m interested in before I buy it because you’re really honest about them. I also like the advice you give your readers. And now, I really need both!
I’m young (early 20’s) and used to having a [...]

Product Review - Chocolate BodyPaint

Valentine’s day is coming right up, and we’ve already talked about how well chocolate seems to go with this particular “holiday;” so this seemed like the perfect time to try out the lovely bottle of Shunga chocolate body-paint that the good people at Babeland sent me a little while ago.
Since it’s not very much [...]

Reader Questions Answered

Have you been longing to view a collection of my answers to reader questions?Well your wait is finally over!
Here is a catalogue (which will be kept updated) of my posts answering reader questions.Enjoy! ^_^
Genital Topiary (men)Ouch Not So Hard!Using Vibes While PregnantGet Hard(er)?What to do about wanting to Suck CockThreesomes and InfidelityCondom ConversationMaking The Move“Average” [...]

"Ouch! Not So Hard!"

I was talking with my friend Mike the other night – he’s been reading my older blog entries and asked if erogenous zones are the same for everyone.
I said that they must be, in general, the same for most people. How else could we have lists of erogenous zones for men and women? Assuming a [...]