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Hi, I'm Shay.

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This is a positive space where I talk about sex/sexuality, publish my toy reviews/guides, and post some pretty sexy images and videos. ^_^

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Archive for 'vaginas'

The Point is Pleasure, not Pain

“My girlfriend get really apprehensive when I try to go down on her. She says its too much for her to handle. I am no doctor, but I am guessing that her clit is just ultra sensitive or something. Any tips you could give me on how to get her to be more open to [...]

Product Review – Crazy Girl Wipes

At first I wasn’t sure I liked the idea of the Crazy Girl femme fresh wipes that my friends at Classic Erotica sent me; I’ve always believed that vaginas should smell like vaginas and that not much cleaning is required to have them ready for sex.  But then I thought about it a little more; [...]

Product Review – Stimula for Women

You might remember Stimula from such posts as “Get free stuff” and “yes Canadians can get a free sample too” (see the comment section in the first hotlink).  Stimula is a clear gel that is meant to make a woman’s “genital area” more sensitive, it can also double as a lube. It is odorless, water [...]

Toy Review – Luna Beads

My longtime readers know that I’ve had a bad experience with so-called “plasure balls” in the past, so it took some guts to try out another set.  Luckily the set my friends at VibeReview sent me are by Lelo, a company known for sleek and sexy products, so I was hopeful that these balls would [...]

respect the poon


Tips for Pleasing a Vag

“Hello Shay I’ve been reading your post for a little while, and have have a question to ask. My girlfriend and I have moved forward in our relationship, but I don’t want to go all the way and she respects that, so we have looked to alternatives, and we have done some “digit” play and [...]

What If I Don’t Want to be the Sex DD?!

This past weekend, I got together with some friends for a movie night.  One friend insisted that we watch 100 Girls, because he hadn’t seen it in years but remembered it being very funny – so we watched it.
It was a fairly funny movie – as long as you don’t think too much about all [...]

Am I Too Small? (female edition)

“Hey Shay!
I have a silly question and funnily enough you are the person in my life I feel most comfortable asking .   I have only slept with one of my boyfriends before, and he was pretty average (about 4.5 inches). My current boyfriend and I have been fooling around more and more lately and I [...]

Questions about Lady Parts and about Man Parts

“Hey Shay,
I was curious, on two things. One thing is, How come there’s no vagina blogging? Or, is that just a little too gross for comfort? (Not that I mind, I enjoy the best of both worlds.) And two, being a virgin.. I was wondering if it was common for other females [...]

Babies are Safe, But What About My Vagina?

Because of a box that I checked when I was signing up for other things, I happen to get Earth Network e-mails every so often.  Usually I just delete them without opening because they are rarely relevant to me, but today I didn’t.
“Phthalates ban signed into law!” Declared the subject line.  Hey wait, I though,  [...]