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Archive for 'masturbation'

Exes in the Spank Bank

A week or two ago I was talking (via Twitter) about how I know that at least one of my exes still keeps me (and some photos of me) in his “spank bank”.
What’s a spank bank?
It’s the area in a person’s mind (and/or computer) where they store sexy stuff (ideas, images, conversations) expressly for the [...]

Toy Review – Tenga Squeeze Play

I’ve been hearing a lot about these Tenga masturbation sleeves (even before they were imported to North America), and it was making me curious.  Obviously I don’t have the proper equipment myself to test one of these babies out, so when my good friends at Babeland sent me one of the Tenga Squeeze Play tubes, [...]

Penis Angle and Masturbation Technique

“Hey, had a two parter I’ve been meaning to ask you for a long time.
A) What’s the deal with acute angled dicks? Depending on the time in my life, my penis, while errect will stand anywhere from 60 to 25 degrees (almost pressed into my stomach). I’ve tried swapping between boxers and breifs, [...]

Clits and Orgasms

“i was sexually tramatized repeatedly during puberty and a pysiological effect of that is TINYYY clit. i cant seem to achieve true orgasm because there is little way to stimulate i. i dont even masturbate because i get so little pleasure out of it. is there anyway i can stimulate it? ”
I’m so sorry [...]

Shay’s First Toy

I’ve been reviewing toys here at The S Spot for a while now, but I don’t think I’ve ever told you about my very first sex toy ever!  Thank goodness one of you thought to ask. ^_~
When I first left home to go to university, I was super excited because when I was living in [...]

Toy Review – the Hello Kitty Vibrator

Sanrio has licensed some really cool products over the years: ice cube trays, computer mice, insect repellent, pancake pans, microwave rice-cookers, shaved ice machines, even fans!  Sanrio also licensed a cute vibrating back massager about 10 years ago, but took it off the market when they realized where else naughty young women were using the [...]

Masturbating is FUN, but sometimes you need a break

Masturbation Month is coming to a close and it sounds like a few of you may have been over-indulging a little bit. ^_~ Here are my answers to a couple of the questions that were sent to me from people who just aren’t enjoying masturbation as much anymore:
“Hello Shay I’m a long time reader [...]

Taking a Little Break…

Oh No, don’t worry, The S Spot isn’t going anywhere!
The title of this post is reffering to the theme of today’s hot hentai mini gallery!
This particular gallery is dedicated to all my readers who have even taken a break in the middle of the day to take care of “things” in the bathroom!
Looks like she’s [...]

Masturbation Month Contest – CLOSED

Our friends at EdenFantasys wanted to team up with me this month to offer you, my sweet readers, a fun little contest.  And since I happen to know that many of you love give-aways, how could I say no?! ^_~
We all know that feeling horny can lead to all kinds of crazy ideas for getting [...]

Changes in Your Load

“SHAY!!!! I have a question for you to ponder. I have noticed that when I masturbate, my “flow” is more intense depending on 2 things: 1. the length of my masturbation session and 2. how I hold my cock. Now I know that a man can only ejaculate about 1 tsp of seminal fluid at [...]