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Archive for 'contest'

A NEW Aural Sex Contest Winner

Hmmm looks like I announced a winner to the Aural Sex Contest prematurely.
Apparently our previous winner has left the internets for one reason or another, and I can’t just let this fabulous prize languish forever!
So I busted out the all-knowing random number generator again and in it’s wisdom it picked a new winner, a winner [...]

Aural Sex Contest Winner!

There were a lot of entries this time folks – nice job getting the word out!
To pick a winner this time, I had to use a random number generator
and guess who won?
Was it you?
We hope you’ll [...]

Pssssst hey
Did you enter the Aural Sex Contest yet?
No? Well you should get on that right away!
Unless you don’t like to win prizes…

Aural Sex Contest – CLOSED

Sex is something I like to experience on a multi-sensory level when I can,
and, as we’ve discussed before, listening to the right music can really amp up the mood and get the “juices” flowing.
That’s why the lines of sex toys built to respond to music are so neat!
You can tune your orgasm to whatever song [...]

Masturbation Month Contest Winner

Hey there!
Remember that fun Masturbation Month Contest we had?
The one where you had to tell us about your fave place to “rub one out”.
(Psst – it’s worth it to go check out people’s responses, a lot of them are very sexy!)
using complicated mathematical calculation thingies,
a winner has been picked!!
Congrats Chris!
We hope you and your girlfriend [...]

Masturbation Month Contest – CLOSED

Our friends at EdenFantasys wanted to team up with me this month to offer you, my sweet readers, a fun little contest.  And since I happen to know that many of you love give-aways, how could I say no?! ^_~
We all know that feeling horny can lead to all kinds of crazy ideas for getting [...]


Wow, it was REALLY hard to pick a winner for the Anal Sex Toy Give-Away – you all made such compelling cases!
In the end (hah), I used my trusty random number generator to pick the winner:
N from California!
I’m sure that she and her boyfriend will enjoy their lovely ass prize pack.
Once again, thanks to EdenFantasys [...]

Anal Toy Give Away – CLOSED

Some of the folks from EdenFantasys have been keeping up with our discussions on anal stimulation this week.
When they read that some of you have  resorted to using random objects rather than proper anal toys, well they just had to send me an e-mail about setting up a give-away!
They have a great guide to buying [...]

Hook-Up Contest Winners!

it was REALLY hard to pick a winner in my SundanceChannel Hook-Up Contest!
Too hard, in fact – all the entries were so good!!
So I decided to leave it up to fate and generated some random numbers to help me pick the winners:
Third Prize goes to Ki Two with her cute story about being interupted by [...]

Tell Us About Your Hook-Up – Win Some Swag!

You know what we need this Valentine Weekend?
Yeah, a swag give-away!
That’s something everyone can enjoy!
The Sundance Channel just launched a sexy new website called Naked Love.
The site is full of  fun videos like:
Isabella Rossellini’s Green Porno
Strip Show
and Swinging
Plus Quizzes (what kind of green porno star are you? – I’m a dragonfly ^_~), Sexy E-cards, and [...]