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Hi, I'm Shay.

Welcome to The S Spot!

This is a positive space where I talk about sex/sexuality, publish my toy reviews/guides, and post some pretty sexy images and videos. ^_^

I also answer reader questions - so feel free to send me a message and ask me anything. (Check my archives to see what other people have asked too, maybe someone had the same problem you did!)

I've been writing for a while, so go ahead and explore my site - I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for, and if not, let me know!

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Archive for 'anal'

Anal With Household Items

On Monday we talked about a young man who wanted to experiment with anal stimulation, but foolishly made a very bad choice when he was looking around his house for something to put up his bottom.
I believe we have now established that putting smallish objects inside your bum is a bad idea; even something like [...]

Anal Rule #1 Don’t Put Little Things Up Your Bum

“So I was experimenting with a bit of anal play since i heard that the feeling the prostate is a good stimulus, and I did something really stupid. I got a small dice, a pretty small one, put a bit of lotion on it, and stuck it up my ass. I masturbated and that was [...]

After Anal

“I haven’t had anal sex in a long time, that is until last night. My previous experiences weren’t terribly successful (he only got a little way in and not a lot of movement) but this time, there was a lot of movement and pleasure - it was fantastic! My issue is that today, I’ve been [...]

But… Sex is SUPPOSED to Feel Good!

It actually took me a few tries to reply to this e-mail because I kept freaking out and had to try starting over when I could calm down again. I feel like this kind of e-mail really highlights the sorry state of sex education in North America:
“Well, I’ve been reading your blog/site for awhile now, [...]

Ass to Mouth

“Hey Shay! I was wondering if a blowjob after unplanned anal sex is sanitary? Cuz I just had an argument with a friend, and he seems to think that it’s fine (too much porn I think) while I disagreed. On another note, though safe sex is highly encouraged, when is it a high [...]

Reader Question - The Right Time

“I’m a long time viewer, first time poster. I need some advice really badly. You see, I finally met this boy that I really like and I want to get… more involved with him. I don’t think I’m ready for vaginal sex just yet but I want to maybe try some other things like anal [...]

Anal Virginity or How to Clear a Room in Your Local Coffee House

This past Friday night I was out at a local coffee/dessert/tea house with a group of friends - you know, one of those places with the nice comfy couches around the tables. We got to talking and anal sex came up - as it will do. Before long we noticed that the [...]

Cockblogging Wednesday 91 + a question

Power cord update: It’s in the mail as of last Saturday afternoon, so I should have it by the end of the week (I hope) and be back on my own laptop with all my own software and bookmarks and such. Man, I really miss my photoshop!
Good thing LP doesn’t seem to mind being [...]

There is No Censoring the Shay!

Last semester I covered a Sex Toy “workshop” for the paper that I was writing for - it was really more of a Tupperware party (with sex toys instead of containers) run by a company that shall not be named here. Since it was put on by the campus Womyn’s Centre, I wrote a [...]

A is for August and Arousal and Anal

Heck, do you even need such a good excuse for you to pick up a new toy for your bum and/or to check out some of the fine ass-related reading material available here at The S Spot? I didn’t think so!
^_~pssst - Also, now is as good a time as any to have [...]