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Anal With Household Items

On Monday we talked about a young man who wanted to experiment with anal stimulation, but foolishly made a very bad choice when he was looking around his house for something to put up his bottom.

I believe we have now established that putting smallish objects inside your bum is a bad idea; even something like those travel bottles of shampoo, or your stick of deodorant would not be good. You need to look for something with a flared base, not something that just widens at the end.  [As AAG can attest, even sex toys that look okay for bum play sometimes aren't and the same definitely goes for household items too.]

While you don’t want items to be too small, you also need to pick things that aren’t too big: pringles tins,  pop bottles, a flashlight - these are all OUT.  If you’re new to the scene - which I’m assuming that you are, since you’re scouring your house for things to insert - you don’t want to push yourself too far too soon, you could really hurt yourself.  One should always try starting with a gentle finger: it’s unlikely to get lost, it’s unlikely to stretch you too far or go too deep, and it’s movable. :)  [In fact, you should go read my post on prostate massage HERE right now.]

Finally, it’s important not to pick something that could be dangerous: bottles used for storing chemicals or acidic cooking ingredients, breakable items (shot glasses, glass bottles, ornaments etc), or items that are sharp or rough in any way - these should all be AVOIDED.

So what COULD you try using when you’re looking for a little bum play and don’t have an appropriate toy yet?  How about the rounded handle of a hairbrush? Because of the wide brush head, you’re very unlikely to lose this one up your bum and the rounded handle is unlikely to cause damage to your insides (just remember to take it really slow and stop if it hurts).   And for sanitary reasons, I do recommend slipping a condom over the handle before you play with it.

In conclusion, I want you to follow these simple rules: if it’s breakable - don’t put it in your bum; if it’s small - don’t put it in your bum; if it could hurt you in any way - don’t put it in your bum; if there is any remote possibility that it could slide all the way inside, whether you’re holding on to it or not - don’t put it in your bum.

Hopefully the next time one of you goes looking for something to stick up your bum, you’ll think for a moment and decide not to risk hurting yourself or ending up embarASSsed in an emergency room.  I’m all  for having fun and trying new things, but it’s important to be smart and safe about what you decide to try. ^_^

anal hentai


Comment from Anon
Time March 19, 2009 at 10:35 am

Most toilet brushes have very interesting handles as far as that goes. Slip on a condom and go! However, I’d just go buy one for a few bucks rather than buy a used one!

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