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Archive for 'sex toys'

Toy Review – Hump Bump & Vibe

You know, every once in a while, when I’m having sex on my stomach, I wish that there was some way I could add a little more to the experience – but all the vibes and bullets I have just end up mashing into my pubic bone or clit and hurting!  Thank goodness my friends [...]

Toy Review – Juliane the Ceramic Vibrator

You know what I said to myself when my friends at Babeland asked if I’d like to try out the Juliane?  “Self,” I said, “you don’t have a ceramic vibrator yet do you?” “Nope,” I replied to myself, “I certainly do not, I didn’t even know they came in ceramic!“  Intrigued, I decided to accept [...]

Aural Sex Contest

Sex is something I like to experience on a multi-sensory level when I can,
and, as we’ve discussed before, listening to the right music can really amp up the mood and get the “juices” flowing.
That’s why the lines of sex toys built to respond to music are so neat!
You can tune your orgasm to whatever song [...]

Toy Review – Tenga Squeeze Play

I’ve been hearing a lot about these Tenga masturbation sleeves (even before they were imported to North America), and it was making me curious.  Obviously I don’t have the proper equipment myself to test one of these babies out, so when my good friends at Babeland sent me one of the Tenga Squeeze Play tubes, [...]

Toy Review – Femblossom

I’m always up for trying toys with something original about them, and the Femblossom that my friends at EmotionalBliss sent me certainly fits the bill.
Firstly, as you can see in the pic above, it’s got an interesting shape: like a pussy scoop.  The idea being that it’ll stimulate your entire vulva at once if you [...]

Summer Sales

It’s summer, a great time to lounge around on your balcony or in your backyard wearing nothing or next to nothing with a sexy new toy – and I’m hear to tell you how you can make this easier on your bank account.
Babeland is having their big summer sale: just use the coupon code SUMMER20 [...]

Toy Review – a Little Something

I’m a sucker for a few things – one of them in small vibrators, another one is sleek packaging, and of course another is reviewing new toys for you all.  Thank goodness my friends at Babeland know how to tap into all of these things at once and sent me the Little Something by JimmyJane!
The [...]

Shay’s First Toy

I’ve been reviewing toys here at The S Spot for a while now, but I don’t think I’ve ever told you about my very first sex toy ever!  Thank goodness one of you thought to ask. ^_~
When I first left home to go to university, I was super excited because when I was living in [...]

Toy Review – Twisted Crank

I’ve wanted to try out a glass juicer (aka crank) for years – years!  Ever since I saw them on some late night television show when I was a teen, I’ve been curious about how a glass toy might feel and what that cranking motion would feel like.  So when my friends at RubyGlass21 contacted [...]

Toy Review – the Hello Kitty Vibrator

Sanrio has licensed some really cool products over the years: ice cube trays, computer mice, insect repellent, pancake pans, microwave rice-cookers, shaved ice machines, even fans!  Sanrio also licensed a cute vibrating back massager about 10 years ago, but took it off the market when they realized where else naughty young women were using the [...]