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Hi, I'm Shay.

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This is a positive space where I talk about sex/sexuality, publish my toy reviews/guides, and post some pretty sexy images and videos. ^_^

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Archive for 'penises'

Toy Review – Tenga Squeeze Play

I’ve been hearing a lot about these Tenga masturbation sleeves (even before they were imported to North America), and it was making me curious.  Obviously I don’t have the proper equipment myself to test one of these babies out, so when my good friends at Babeland sent me one of the Tenga Squeeze Play tubes, [...]

Penis Angle and Masturbation Technique

“Hey, had a two parter I’ve been meaning to ask you for a long time.
A) What’s the deal with acute angled dicks? Depending on the time in my life, my penis, while errect will stand anywhere from 60 to 25 degrees (almost pressed into my stomach). I’ve tried swapping between boxers and breifs, [...]

Hair Trimmers are Your Friend

“My question is, i have a male friend (im a girl) who im very sexually open with, and we have a lot of fun together with no strings attached, but i’m curious about his penis. i gave him a blowjob, and he has a lot of hair. it seemed to me like the hair was [...]

ED and Disappearing Cum?

“hey there ive recently come in contact with The S Spot and i have a question, Is there such a thing as too much masterbation? i ask this cause i saw somwere that excessive masterbation can lead to ED, and i was just wondering if this is true or more of the anti masterbation lies [...]

Penis Research Update

What kind of a webmistress would I be if I didn’t keep you up to date on the latest peen news?!  A busy one?  Well yes… but hush!  I have interesting tidings about wangs.
A study was recently published finding that men who have been circumcised have a decreased risk of catching icky things like HIV, [...]

You Don’t HAVE to be a Marathon Man

“I was wondering if you know of any way that a guy can train himself to last longer during sex without cumming. I know it’s a strange question but I’d really like to increase my performance time.“
A lot of guys worry about how long they can last during sex, and that’s no real surprise – [...]

Questions about Lady Parts and about Man Parts

“Hey Shay,
I was curious, on two things. One thing is, How come there’s no vagina blogging? Or, is that just a little too gross for comfort? (Not that I mind, I enjoy the best of both worlds.) And two, being a virgin.. I was wondering if it was common for other females [...]

Ring Seeking

“Oh Shay, miraculous oracle of sexual truth, I come to you for the answer to a question.  :^) I occasionally enjoy some fun with cock rings and my question pertains to their usage.   I’ve had a few that were extremely tight fitting where I literally could not get my cock to come down.  So is [...]

BLOWjob Danger Debunked

“I’m not what you call an “expert” in sex, but what has been terrifying me for some time now is an interesting story I’ve heard from a friend. The story goes that, ‘a guy is receiving a blow job from a girlfriend. The problem is, she blows into the penis instead of sucking on it [...]

Reader Question – Extra Skin and More Oral

“Hi Shay, I have been talking to this guy for a while and we decided to have sex. He didn’t tell me he wasn’t circumcised and the sight of an uncircumcised penis isn’t something that turns me on. Also, to my disappointment, he doesn’t like to perform oral sex. Usually getting my [...]