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Hi, I'm Shay.

Welcome to The S Spot!

This is a positive space where I talk about sex/sexuality, publish my toy reviews/guides, and post some pretty sexy images and videos. ^_^

I also answer reader questions - so feel free to send me a message and ask me anything. (Check my archives to see what other people have asked too, maybe someone had the same problem you did!)

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Archive for 'health'

Staying Safer

“I’m curious to know your take on a situation I’m in. I’m a 20 year old female and I’ve had sex with 5 men. About 3 weeks ago, I had a one night stand with someone whom I later found out is verrrryy promiscuous. He’s been with 25-30 women. After hearing this info, I freaked. [...]

Love The Earth and Yourself

Tomorrow is Earth Day.
It’s a day to raise awareness about how we can all do our part (even in small ways) to help preserve our planet and live healthier every day.
This past weekend I once again participated in the CN Tower Climb to raise money for WWF’s initiative against climate change. It was [...]

Antidepressants and Sex

“Hey Shay!
There’s a girl who I like, and who likes me (what can I say, the hard part is already over) and we would be sexual, except she takes an antidepressant which has eliminated her sexual response. While I know ultimately her switching medicines is the solution, I wanted to know does this generally [...]

Penis Research Update

What kind of a webmistress would I be if I didn’t keep you up to date on the latest peen news?!  A busy one?  Well yes… but hush!  I have interesting tidings about wangs.
A study was recently published finding that men who have been circumcised have a decreased risk of catching icky things like HIV, [...]

Quick Answers

“Hi Shay! My boyfriend and I are having a problem while having sex. He’s my first, and I’m still a virgin. We DID have sex…well not exactly, we did anal and such, but when he tries to enter his penis in, his “hardness” went away. ALSO, im a small petite girl, and of course, im [...]

Kissing Science

No one can deny that kissing feels good, whether you’re kissing someone hard or giving them lighter pecks - there’s just something exciting about pressing that soft patch of skin on your lips against someone else’s body parts… and lips too. ^_~
But it turns out that there’s a little more to kissing than the delicious [...]

Yet Another Reason Why Stereotypes are Bad

“hi shay, Do all men have high libido’s and what is a normal level for a man?
I’m asking because my husband doesn’t seem to want to have sex as much as me and when i ask him if he wants to have sex he almost always says no which is a shocker to me cuz [...]

Am I Too Small? (female edition)

“Hey Shay!
I have a silly question and funnily enough you are the person in my life I feel most comfortable asking .   I have only slept with one of my boyfriends before, and he was pretty average (about 4.5 inches). My current boyfriend and I have been fooling around more and more lately and I [...]

Cappuccino for Me, Decaf for my Boobs

I nearly did a spit-take in the car when I heard on the radio that a new study has found that drinking coffee can shrink a woman’s breasts! I don’t drink much coffee myself (just a few ice-caps in the summer), but I know A LOT of people are who totally addicted and I needed [...]

Questions about Lady Parts and about Man Parts

“Hey Shay,
I was curious, on two things. One thing is, How come there’s no vagina blogging? Or, is that just a little too gross for comfort? (Not that I mind, I enjoy the best of both worlds.) And two, being a virgin.. I was wondering if it was common for other females [...]