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This is a positive space where I talk about sex/sexuality, publish my toy reviews/guides, and post some pretty sexy images and videos. ^_^

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Archive for 'pubic hair'

Ball Waxing

“I like to keep myself as well shaven as I possibly can down in my pleasure region and I have never gotten any complaints on my lack of pubic hair. 1) How do most women feel about it, do they like shaved men, do they hate it, etc? 2) How the hell do porn guys [...]

Brazilian Waxes

“Hi Shay,
I’m a longtime fan of Brazilian waxes. I got them for years at a spa before going DIY. I’ve heard a few stories on the news about people getting infections after getting waxed professionally.

Another thing I heard on the news is that small abrasions caused by waxing can “get infected”. Is it a personal [...]

Hair Trimmers are Your Friend

“My question is, i have a male friend (im a girl) who im very sexually open with, and we have a lot of fun together with no strings attached, but i’m curious about his penis. i gave him a blowjob, and he has a lot of hair. it seemed to me like the hair was [...]

Product Review – Coochy Shave Cream + Aftershave Mist

I’ve decided to double up this review because these two products go together: first you shave using the Coochy Shave Cream, then you spray on the Coochy Aftershave Mist.  Thank goodness those nice people over at Classic Erotica sent me BOTH these nice goodies.   ^_~
I received the green tea Coochy Shave Cream, it had [...]

Product Review – Smooth

Everyone knows that Sliquid makes a great lube, so I was curious about their shaving product, Smooth, when those nice people at Babeland sent me a bottle. It’s meant to be extra good for shaving, especially on your delicate bits.
Smooth comes out of the bottle looking like lube, it’s a clear almost gel that’s chock [...]

You Don’t Have to be a Yoga Master to Trim

“Hey Shay!
I’ve got a confession to make. I’ve been wanting to send you a pic for V-month but I’ve been to shy. See I’ve got a lot of pubic hair, I mean a lot. Balding men could make toupees out of the trimmings! Okay, maybe not that bad but it is long and thick and [...]

Man Pubes – a discussion

One of our lovely CBW participants asked very nicely if I would put forward a question for my readers’ consideration.  How could I say no? – he’d already shown us his bits!
It’s a fairly simple question:
Do ladies prefer their man’s cock to be shaved completely clean, given a little trim, or left wild?
Also – what [...]

Product Review – Personal Shaving Kit

I already had a system for pube grooming that I felt was working for me, but I’m always open to new ideas, so when I saw the Ultimate Personal Shaver Kit on VibeReview I was curious.
When it arrived, I looked at the before and after pictures on the box and I have to say that [...]

Reader Question – Pube Colouring

“I am a male nearing 60. The hair on my head is turning gray, and I actually quite like it. But the hair surrounding my other head is starting to turn gray as well, and that is starting to make me feel old. I am thinking about coloring my pubic hair back [...]

Reader Question – First Time Trimmer

“I have a question for you regarding pubic hair. I read through all the postings I could find on your site regarding this topic, but most of it spent very little time talking about actual trimming. I am a 19 year old boy, who has had very little experience in terms of a [...]