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Brazilian Waxes

Hi Shay,

I’m a longtime fan of Brazilian waxes. I got them for years at a spa before going DIY. I’ve heard a few stories on the news about people getting infections after getting waxed professionally.

Another thing I heard on the news is that small abrasions caused by waxing can “get infected”. Is it a personal hygiene thing? Or do these abrasions get infected by wax that’s already laden with germs? What exactly about waxing is so dangerous?

Even though I don’t get professional waxes anymore, I wonder if I can get an infection after a home wax. I buy a tub of microwavable wax that I use a few times (hey, it’s only me!). Is this dangerous? I usually shower before waxing, but I double-dip. I just figured that no one else is using my wax, so it’s safe.

I’ve heard the news stories about Brazilian waxes as well. I have the impression that it’s not so much the salon’s fault for unhygienic practices; I mean, reputable places have to be very very careful because they know word will spread.

The skin on our genital area is a lot more delicate than on other parts of our bodies, it can’t take a lot of abuse. Some women likely get infections because their skin gets abraded (i.e. it gets little cuts) from the stress of the waxing.  Folliculitis is how the infection usually starts: the hair follicle is damaged by the waxing process. Add that to swimsuit season, where panties on a hot day and damp swimsuits can be an excellent breeding-ground for bacteria and voila: infection.

However, in your case, since you’ve been doing Brazilian waxes for a while, your skin has probably been toughened up by them and you shouldn’t really have much to worry about.

A lot of people get brazilian waxes as don’t really have any more trouble than a few spots (like razor bumps) that eventually clear up on their own – it’s relatively uncommon for an infection from waxing to get serious enough to warrant medical attention.


[If you're looking for more info on hair removal, check out THIS post.]

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