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Changes in Your Load

SHAY!!!! I have a question for you to ponder. I have noticed that when I masturbate, my “flow” is more intense depending on 2 things: 1. the length of my masturbation session and 2. how I hold my cock. Now I know that a man can only ejaculate about 1 tsp of seminal fluid at a time. However, like I said it seems if I stimulate myself for a prolonged period, then bring myself to orgasm, there is more than if I just “rub one out” real quick. Also, if I squeeze my cock as I jerk it instead of gently holding it, the flow and quantity seem to increase. Any thoughts?

Well, it’s doesn’t surprise me too much that the longer to spend “warming up” before you come, the more cum it can seem like you produce; you are giving all the glands that contribute fluid lots of time to build up a good load. I’m quite sure there is a limit to how much of an increase you can get, but you’d definitely see a difference between when your session lasts for 2 mins versus half an hour.

As for seeing a difference depending on the grip, when you squeeze it, you are probably forcing more out at once (rather than having to deal with a lot of delayed drippage afterward).

I hope that answers your questions, but you might like to check out the ejaculation section of my site as well!



Comment from Dee
Time May 17, 2009 at 7:53 pm

Yes, I completely agree. For me, the amount of cum usually depends on how long it’s been since I last came, but also on how long my “build up” is while masturbating. If I jerk off multiple times throughout the day but intentionally hold off and don’t cum, it’s always a big load when I finally do. Also, when I feel the orgasm coming and know that ejaculation is inevitable, I sometimes try to clamp down for just a second and “fight” to keep the load from coming out. This extra effort sometimes makes it shoot further. Hooray for ejaculating! : D

Comment from NDO
Time May 18, 2009 at 1:31 pm

Agree with the above comments. The increased force of the ejaculation (from holding it in to the last possible moment) makes the muscles clench that much harder, adding to both the velocity and quantity of the load. My loads seem bigger when I’m properly hydrated as well, as opposed to being hungover or ill.

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