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Product Review – Crazy Girl Wipes

At first I wasn’t sure I liked the idea of the Crazy Girl femme fresh wipes that my friends at Classic Erotica sent me; I’ve always believed that vaginas should smell like vaginas and that not much cleaning is required to have them ready for sex.  But then I thought about it a little more; a big part of getting ready to have sex mentally is feeling sexy and if you’re feeling gross in your crotchular region then it’s hard to feel comfortable with exposing that area to someone else.

I mean, how many women have sent me e-mails talk about how they are anxious about receiving oral sex because they worry about their vagina being “fresh”?! (By the way ladies, a lot of men/women prefer a musky vagina to a sterile one.)  Besides, there are definitely times of the month where even I wouldn’t mind freshening up a bit before sex – like near the end of my period, when I’m just lightly spotting.

So, my mind made up that pre-sex wipes can definitely be a good thing in many situations, I was set to give them a try.  I decided to go all out and try the strawberry scented wipes first too.  haha The strawberry scent was obviously quite artificial smelling, but not unpleasantly so.  I was a little worried that the wipes would feel like using a wet-nap, luckily these wipes surprised me!  Read on for the rest of my review!

What I liked: I was pleasantly surprised by how soft the wipes actually felt on my delicate lady bits, and I was pleased to find that the wipes didn’t feel soapy either.  I actually did feel refreshed after using the wipe, and delicately moist (not dry like wet-naps can leave your hands feeling).

What I didn’t like: No real complaints about the wipe.

However, the wipe claims to have root extracts to enhance your libido. I can’t say that I noticed anything out of the ordinary after using the wipe; but if knowing that the root extracts are in there produces a placebo effect for some people… well, a placebo effect is still an effect. So there’s no real harm there.

My testing buddy did agree that the strawberry scent is a little odd, but again not unpleasantly so – I guess it’s just that vaginas don’t naturally smell like strawberries. haha

This product would be great for: anyone who occasionally feels that they’d like to freshen-up a bit before sex, for whatever reason (whether you’re near the end of your period, you’re just feeling dry, or it’s been a long day and you’re feeling unreasonably anxious about your cleanliness).   These wipes are also pretty good for after sex too, I tried out the plain ones (they just have a clean scent rather than strawberries) for this purpose another time and I think they did a fairly good job.

If your female partner is one of those silly women who is afraid to receive oral because they think their vagina is “dirty” this might be a good product to ease her worries and help her relax and enjoy herself (because sometimes just talking to someone about their irrational concerns doesn’t work, instead they need to be eased into an idea – hey, that’s life people).

These could also be a useful product for women/couples who are busy and want to quickly prepare for sex or clean up afterward (remember our busy woman?).  It might be handy to keep a couple of these in your purse or the glove-box of your car.

The Crazy Girl Femme Fresh Wipes get away with a tidy 7.5 out of 10:

[You can buy your own HERE.]

P.S.  Unfortunately I haven’t owned a chemistry set since I was 12, so I wasn’t able to check out the ph balancing of this product. Remember that the vagina prefers slightly more acidic soaps.

P.P.S. Remember that vaginas ARE supposed to have a light musky scent, BUT if your scent changes and becomes more pungently fishy or pasty you should consult your doctor because you may have an infection.


Comment from Hugo
Time June 21, 2009 at 4:05 pm

that sounds like a good product for beardy guys like me to use after an oral sex session
they could make some with a neutral fragrance
after all, you don’t want to get caught by your friends cause your beard smells “fresh”

Comment from Chris
Time June 21, 2009 at 5:32 pm

You invent some good words Shay, but you’ve outdone yourself with “crotchular”.

Comment from Bob
Time June 22, 2009 at 11:22 am

so – did the wipes change your “flavor”? I.E. – did your partner notice a chemical or other taste?

Comment from Shay
Time June 22, 2009 at 11:27 am

Hugo – well, maybe you could just wash your face? haha

Chris – thank you ^_~ I actually use that one all the time irl.

Bob – I tasted it off my fingers just to see and I found it very bitter, but we forgot to start with oral to check it on my vag. oops!

Comment from Rio
Time June 23, 2009 at 12:13 pm

Thanks for the heads up about the Strawberry wipes, now I know to buy the plain ones. Wonder if they are planning to release vanilla scented wipes in the future.

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