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Product Review - Chocolate BodyPaint

Valentine’s day is coming right up, and we’ve already talked about how well chocolate seems to go with this particular “holiday;” so this seemed like the perfect time to try out the lovely bottle of Shunga chocolate body-paint that the good people at Babeland sent me a little while ago.

Since it’s not very much fun licking chocolate body-paint off oneself, I enlisted the help of a friend or two to help me out.

The bottle contains 100 mL of chocolate and comes with a fancy little “brush.” Usually body paints come with a little plastic paintbrush, with little plastic bristles, but Shunga’s brush is fashioned from a little piece of foam cut into a point and tied to a wooden stick; it sounds weird when I describe it like that, so you’ll just have to trust me that the overall effect is fairly elegant in person.

What we liked: We found that the chocolate had a nice flavour, it wasn’t too rich. The chocolate was also very easy to work with, it didn’t have to be heated and it had a good consistency that was perfect with the easy to use “brush.” As you can see from the picture, I was able to write my name in english and in japanese easily. We also liked that the chocolate licked cleanly away, since sticky residues are gross.

What we didn’t like: There wasn’t really anything that we didn’t like about the chocolate body-paint; except that one of us didn’t like how their skin still smelled of chocolate (though it wasn’t sticky) even after the chocolate had been licked off - but that was easily solved with a little soap and water.

This would be great for: Someone who is trying to set a romantic mood with a lover. Sure you can buy a bottle of liquid chocolate drink mix for a quarter of the price, but a big bottle of drink mix doesn’t really set a sexy mood for many people - and not everyone reacts well to unwrapping a bottle of drink mix on Valentine’s day (or at a wedding shower). Buying a product like this is really all about setting a certain mood - match it up with a set of dirty dice and you’ve got yourself a great way to burn calories WHILE you enjoy your dessert. ^_~

Shunga’s Chocolate Body-paint has earned itself a tasty 7 out of 10:


Comment from GenesisCEO
Time February 6, 2008 at 9:05 am

hey~nice blog, i like your blog, stay cool~

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