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Shay’s Naughty Xmas Gift List

The Holiday Season is upon us - which of course means it’s time for another sexy xmas gift guide!

Sure you could get your friends and family boring normal gifts like coffee makers and holiday socks this year, but wouldn’t you rather give them something a little more exciting?  You would? Excellent - read on for Shay’s holiday gift ideas: sure to heat up any cold wintry night!

Hostess Gifts and Stocking Stuffers: instead of bringing the usual box of chocolates or napkin rings for the hosts of the xmas parties you go to this year, bring something a little spicier.  A vibrating panty pal (review coming soon) or vibrating cock-ring (review coming soon) would be an excellent surprise for any hostess or host.  If you suspect your host might be a little kinky bondage tape would be a great idea and is a fun ice-breaker if they open it during the party.  Prefer something that seems a little more innocent? Try a sweet smelling massage oil candle. Any of these little items would also make sexy stocking stuffers as well!

Sweet Gifts: holidays and sweets just go together, but let’s make things a little sexier than gingerbread and candy canes.  You can make yourself the sweet by decorating yourself with a little chocolate body-paint to encourage tender (or not so tender) nibbles and licks exactly where you want them.  Or set the mood with some naughty edible undies like the candy bra [review HERE], cock pouch, garter belt, and thong and follow up by encouraging some oral action with a packet of Head Candy slipped into your partner’s stocking - that’s sure to make for a sweet Christmas eve/morning. You could also opt for some zero calorie sweetness with O’My’s delicious Blueberry Cheesecake scented lube!

Gifts for a Newbie: It can be tricky trying to figure out what to get for someone who is new to toys - you might not want to freak them out with a gigantic butt plug right from the start - you’ll want to start small.  Sweet little vibes like the Papillion, a Pocket Rocket (read my review), or the Baby Bug are great because they’re cute, small, and do a nice job.  You could also check out the Stubby G as an into to g-spot toys.  These vibes are great because they look fun, not scary - and more importantly, they are fun.
It also might be fun to combine two things that your giftee enjoys: music and orgasms, which is just what toys like the ibuzz offer [read my review HERE]. This toy goes very well with a hand picked playlist of songs burnt to CD - making the gift even more personal and from the heart.

Gifts for the Hardcore: There are those of us to like to fiddle around with our toys once in a while and there are those of us who are looking for a good solid toy to give good solid (and/or mind-melting) orgasms on a regular basis. For the latter I have three toys that I can recommend: The Rabbit Vibe, The Pleaser, and the Fleshlight.  The Pleaser (aka the beast) is a shiny metal dildo, perfect for a horny size-queen or anyone who wants to experiment with a bigger dildo.  The Rabbit, heh, everyone knows about the rabbit, though I think the best part really is the bunny at the front. And well The Fleshlight, everyone knows that that’s the toy I’d want if I grew a futa penis.

Gifts for Two: Instead of matching xmas socks this year, get your favourite couples something sexy to play with under the tree.  A vibrating cock-ring is excellent for this, since it provides pleasure for both people using it! Check out my review of one here or check out this other ring that I will be reviewing soon. ^_~  Alternatively, you could go with the Vibra Thong, which is like a cock-ring in reverse!  It you’d rather give something a little more…. subtle, you could go with some lovely spray-on massage oil, or something fun like a doggy-style strap.

Gifts for the Sex Toy Lover who has Everything: There’s always someone on your list who just seems to have one of anything you could think of to get for them.  For these people you’ll need to get more creative: Laura’s Teaser or Hans’ Wooden Dildo are great and unique buys for your favourite sex toy fan.  Or you could go with a sexy book.

Voila!  I hope my list gives you some great ideas for filling in those holes in your holiday shopping list!  ^_^

Now you can surprise your office secret santa or xmas party hostess with something a little naughty, order something hot for your long-distance sweetheart, sneak in some sexy stocking stuffers when everyone else has gone to bed, or order spicy something for yourself - I’m sure your gran would be happy to know that Christmas money she sent went towards something that will bring you a lot of joy over the coming months. ^_~

Need more ideas? Check out the rest of my product reviews and/or visit some of the links in my sidebar.

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