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Book Review - Diary of a Sex Fiend

I used to read Abby’s blog back when she was still known only as “Girl with a One-Track Mind,” so it was really exciting when I heard she got a book deal (which is nearly every blogger’s dream, even if they haven’t thought about it yet).

Skyhorse Publishing was kind enough to send me a copy of her book for me to review so let’s get to it.

Synopsis:  Abby is a hot young woman with sex on the brain.  We follow her for a year, reading about her adventures as she searches for love and hot sex (ideally but not necessarily at the same time).  It’s kinda like bridget jones’ diary, but with a lot more sex, much less angst, and way more self-love.  

The Book: The book is set up kinda like a blog with each Month being a separate chapter and each day’s “post” as a separate chapter break.  Some “posts” are long, some are short, and every so often we are treated to different lists, like “The Girl’s Top 10 Guide to Chatting Someone Up” (the lists are both hilarious and educational).  Since I knew Abby first as a blogger I really enjoyed this set up and found it fun and engaging.

Basically I loved this book. I often found myself reading it at night, as I went to bed, and I know I ended up staying up later than I intended on those nights: Abby’s writing is at times fun and light and other times quite serious, but she’s always, always captivating and entertaining.  

Summer is over where I am now, but this book doesn’t just make a fantastic pool/beachside read, you’ll like it just as much curled up on your couch with a mug of hot tea/coffee.  Men and women alike can enjoy this read - though you might not want to read it on the subway because you literally will laugh out loud at some bits.  ^_~  

Final Verdict:  Diary of a Sex Fiend was a great read, I loved the honesty, humour, and sexuality that Abby let flow from her site into this book.

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