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Product Review - Vibrating Lover’s Thong

Last weekend I decided to have a little stay-cation — for the first weekend in ages I didn’t go out of town to visit friends and no friends from out of town came to visit me — seemed like the perfect opportunity to test out some of the goodies that the nice people over at VibeReview have sent me.

One of the items I unwrapped was the vibrating Lover’s Thong with stroker beads AKA the VibraThong. It’s a g-string harness, it has a vibrating bullet, it has a beaded ring, and it’s waterproof (though I didn’t dare try it out in my apartment’s pool).

The harness-y bit was really easy to adjust and to put on - in less than a minute I was ready to go! It’s kind of like a reverse cock-ring because I’m wearing the vibe and the ring of beads, instead of him.

What I liked: I know this has nothing to do with the function, but toys that come with their own batteries always make me happy - I hate having to search for just the right batteries for a new toy when I just want to take it out of the box and try it right away! So I liked that this came with not one, but two sets of batteries for the bullet.

I also loved how comfortable the harness was to wear and how hot I looked with it on. haha

It was really easy to adjust the position of the bullet so that the vibrations were in just the right spot and it’s always great having items that you can use while still keeping your hands free. The vibrations transferred really well to the beads and to my partner so that it ended up making everything down there feel deliciously vibrating-y. When I turned off the bullet for a moment to see if he could feel the beads alone, we both went “awww” and I had to turn it back on right away.

What He Liked: He really enjoyed the vibrating and was impressed with how the bullet didn’t seem to get in the way (which I also appreciated). He didn’t think the beads did much for him, but he also said he wasn’t sure that they weren’t doing anything since he was mostly just feeling the vibrations - other than that, it was hard to get intelligible sentences out of him, besides “it feels so good”. ^_~

What I didn’t like: Occasionally something we were doing was pulling the beads apart a tiny bit so that a couple of times the top of the ring of beads ended up pinching me a little, but I have the feeling that I would have been pinched less if I had been on top.

I also should mention, though this isn’t really a dislike, that it’s important to make sure that you pull the beads apart when you are washing it post-play, since a simple soap and rinse won’t get all gunk that can get trapped between the beads.

This Toy Would be Great for: anyone who is looking for a hands-free vibe system that leaves room for penetration. The VibraThong is a fun and sexy item for couples, but also would be great to use alone because you can position the bullet just so and still have both your hand free for using other toys. Guys can, of course, wear the VibraThong too, but I wasn’t able to convince my partner to give it a try, yet. haha

The VibraThong felt good and was a lot of fun to use, but it has to lose a couple of points for pinching me - it gets an 8.5 out of 10.


Comment from Heather
Time July 10, 2008 at 5:14 pm

Fun review to read. Yeah, I agree about the pinching part - how the beads can interfere a little bit. But overall, I’ve been pleased with my VibraThong. There are only certain situations in which I use it, but when I do, I end up having a good time. Pretty convenient toy to play with, which is a plus.


Comment from Anonymous
Time July 10, 2008 at 11:52 pm


Comment from exile
Time July 27, 2008 at 4:21 am


oh, shay… no…

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