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Product Review - Put a "Heart On" on your Hard-On

I recently got an IM from my friend K, who wanted to know if I could recommend any fun toys for couples to use together during sex. My first answer was a vibrating cock ring – which reminded me that I’d gotten one from Lovedreamer a few months ago, had been using it, but hadn’t bothered to write a review yet!

After having a lot of solo fun with my butterfly vibe, I decided to see how it would fell if I used it to vibrate my clit during penetrative sex. Turns out that, while the head of my butterfly felt amazing gently strapped against my clit normally, it did NOT feel AT ALL amazing being mashed into my clit during sex.

Months later, when I was picking out some new toys at Lovedreamer, it occurred to me that a nice vibrating cock ring might be just the thing to create the effect I had been seeking. Having learned my lesson from the butterfly, I avoided any rings where the vibrating bullet would be lengthwise, pointing straight at my clit – I wanted to be vibrated but not have too much “stuff” between me and my lover. I decided to go with the “Tera Patrick Heart On” vibrating cock ring because, not only was this toy wireless (yay), the vibrating bullet was positioned sideways (instead of lengthways) in the ring.
Within hours of my new toy’s arrival, I snagged an assistant and got to testing it out.

What I Liked: I liked that the bullet did not mash into my clit.
I found that I enjoyed the ring most when I was on top and could move around to get the vibrations focussed wherever I wanted. I also liked the texture of the material and the fact that it was wireless – no controls to mess around with, no wires getting tangled around our bodies, just a little dial on the bullet that you can turn to amp up (or down) the vibrations. (oh! And it came with extra batteries)

What He Liked: He enjoyed the sensation of the vibrations on his cock and found the ring very comfortable to wear. He says he also enjoyed how much I enjoyed turning him into a living vibrator. ^_~

What We Did Not Like: Well there wasn’t really anything that I did not like about this toy. But (and you knew there was going to be a but) – I couldn’t really feel the vibrations in certain positions (like missionary) and that was a shame.

This toy would be Great for: couples who want to bring something new to the bedroom. Also great for a woman who wants/needs a little more clitoral stimulation during sex and this toy is handy because it’s “hands free”. This would also be a fun attachment for your favourite dildo – or for men, this could be something fun to spice up the “monotony” of chronic masturbation.

Personally, I thought the “heart on” vibrating cock ring was great and should have at least an 8 out of ten, but this wasn’t a solo test so I have to take my assistant’s lower rating into account. To quote my assistant, “It was a fun change, but not something I need THAT much – maybe the sex we have is too good to being with?

Sorry “Heart On” your final score is a 7 out of 10.

Of course, this toy is available from Loverdreamer.

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Comment from Late Starter
Time December 9, 2005 at 12:01 am

J and I tried out a cock ring with integral bullet a couple of years ago.

Things were going OK until I was unwise enough to remark that it was a bit like having an angry wasp trapped in your condom. We both collapsed with laughter and couldn’t continue for a while.

Mind you, it was a lovely moment - real togetherness :o)

Comment from Desireous
Time December 9, 2005 at 1:34 am

Well that was interesting. There are so many different toys out this just waiting to be explored. Nice of you to keep us informed!


Comment from Shay
Time December 9, 2005 at 3:39 pm

LS - Well I’m glad to hear that you two aren’t too serrious to joke around durring sex! ^_^ For some reason I have a habbit of picturing other couples and having sex like porn stars and not like me! (Though porn star sex can be pretty fun every so ofter) But look at me, there I go getting all distracted!

Des - I live to please ^_~

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