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Product Review - Doggie Style Strap

The Doggy Style Strap (once again, sent to me by the nice people at Vibe Review) touts itself as the solution for people who like the doggie style position but hate having their partner grip their love handles.  Either my love handles aren’t big enough, or my lovers don’t know how to grab them, but this has never been a problem for me - the Doggie Style Strap just looked like fun, so I was perfectly willing to give it a try.

It’s a simple device really, just a strap with a wide band of padding in the middle and two adjustable loops on either side.  Simple though it is, it still took us a few moments to figure out where to put it when in doggie - too high and it pressed too hard on my stomach; too low and it only pulled on my thighs and didn’t seem to do much.  But we managed to figure it out and had a good time while we worked:

What I liked: I actually I think I enjoyed using the strap more on him in the missionary position; it was fun turning the tables and actually being more in control from the bottom.  Once I got over my initial giggles, we were a tad reluctant to switch to other positions - but we do what we must in the name of science!  In doggie (once we found the right placement) the strap was very comfortable and I found it quite nice to be able to relax onto the strap while my partner did all the work.

What he liked: Generally he liked the strap; he found the concept sexy and had fun playing with it (and me, obviously).

What we didn’t like: We didn’t necessarily not like anything about the DS Strap, but we also didn’t find that it noticeably compressed my vaginal canal, allowed for deeper penetration, or improved orgasms - as the pamphlet promised.   He also found the strap a bit awkward to use for the first little while because it just wasn’t giving him the control/leverage that he was used to.

This toy would be great for:  someone who really doesn’t want their love handles grabbed (I’m assuming) or for couples who are looking for something different to bring into the bedroom.  If doggie is your fave position, giving this to your partner as a gift could be a subtle way to get more of what you like.

Bottom line, the DS strap was certainly fun to play with but we also didn’t find it necessary or an indispensable piece of bedroom equipment.   It gets a respectable 6 out of 10. 


Comment from Maikeru
Time August 16, 2008 at 9:26 am

Hmmm…a different sort of DS strap than the gamer in me is familiar with. Though all joking aside I’ve never actually used a girl’s love handles for leverage the few times that we’ve used this position. Although I can honestly say that the majority of girls that I’ve been with have had enough in terms of hips for leverage.

Comment from Gadfly
Time August 18, 2008 at 9:45 pm

Uhm… I always thought “love handles” were the fat guys get on their lower backs.

For DS sex, you grab a woman by the anterior superior iliac spines as they roll forward from the iliac crests.

That’s what God put them there for ;-)

Although, if there were handcuffs and more latching involved … I can possibly see how that kind of thing might have a bdsm flavor *chuckle*

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