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Product Review - Babeland's Massage Bar

Well fine Babeland, go ahead and update your products before I have a chance to finish reviewing them!  I’m still going to review the original massage bar and just assume that their fancy new massage cube is just as good, if not better.

So, Babeland makes a few different massage products (remember the spray-on massage oil [...]

Toy Review – My Mini Miracle Massager

Although I don’t have a Hitachi Magic Wand, I have reviewed a wand-like massager before, so I was interested to see how this mini massager from my friends at CalExotics would compare.

My Mini Miracle Massager is smaller than the Hitachi and the Ideal – hence the mini part of it’s name.  It’s phthalates [...]

Product Review – Sweet Celebration Box

Kama Sutra’s Sweet Celebration box is the second of the two Valentine gift boxes that those romantic people at VibeReview sent me.  Boy did Kama Sutra pack this box full of stuff!  There’s a jar of vanilla body soufflé lotion, a bottle of vanilla oil of love, a bottle of rose scented massage oil, a [...]

Product Review – Raspberry Kiss

Recently VibeReview decided to send me Kama Sutra’s Raspberry Kiss box:  it comes in a cute box and as soon as I took off the lid, this lovely sweet smell wafted out – I couldn’t wait see what I’d find inside!  The Raspberry Kiss box comes with 1 bottle of raspberry scented massage [...]

Product Review – Massage Candle

I recently had the opportunity to test out Bableland’s massage candle, made of scented soy-wax that melts down into massage oil. Since, of course, it’s no fun trying to massage yourself, I enlisted a friend who wouldn’t mind me dripping melted (soy) wax onto their back.

I lit the Mango Vanilla candle, had my [...]

Product Review – Spray-on Massage Oil

I love massages as much as the next person (if not more), so I was simply delighted when Babeland sent me a bottle of their very own Massage Oil Spray – giving me an excuse to both give and (more importantly) receive a nice, lubed up massage.

So I got out a towel that was going [...]

Film Fridays 50 – Healing Touch

Practically everyone likes to get massages,especially after a hard day on a porno set:

Seriously, I bet porn stars pull muscles and strain things all the time when they are trying to work – just look at the heels the women have to wear half the time!

Now get out there and give someone a massage this [...]

Reader Questions Answered

Have you been longing to view a collection of my answers to reader questions?Well your wait is finally over!

Here is a catalogue (which will be kept updated) of my posts answering reader questions.Enjoy! ^_^

Genital Topiary (men)Ouch Not So Hard!Using Vibes While PregnantGet Hard(er)?What to do about wanting to Suck CockThreesomes and InfidelityCondom ConversationMaking The Move“Average” [...]

Film Fridays 23 – Slip and Slide Massage

Has it been a long hard week? (heh)
Maybe you need something like this:

That looks like so much fun!!

More Film Fridays Goodness HERE.

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Product Test #1

I was actually really excited to try this toy because I’ve been in need of a good massage for some time now. [I used to have a wooden massager similar to this one, but I think it ended up left with an ex many years ago.]

Now, I’m a small girl with a small back, [...]