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Toy Review – Panty Pal

vibrating-panty-palI have to admit that my first thought when I opened up the Vibrating Panty Pal that my pals at VibeReview sent me, was  “wow, its bigger than I expected”.  I don’t know why I thought it would be some tiny little thing haha.  Actually, you can click through the pic above to see a shot of it next to my pussy for a size comparison.

The panty pal has 4 essential parts:  I have the star-shaped front cover, a vibrating bullet with magnets on it, a jelly sleeve that goes over the bullet, and it comes with two sets of watch batteries (yay!).  [Interestingly, I noted that it says on the box "uses 2 watch size batteries, 4 included" which is not what I found in the box: the toy takes 3 batteries and 6 are included in the package.]

The batteries were very easy to get into the toy (worth mentioning because I have some toys where the case is a real struggle) but I found that as soon as I dropped in the first battery, the toy starting vibrating – which was kinda weird.  Turns out that the vibrating panty pal is yet another toy from the California Exotic Novelties company that comes with an on/off switch that doesn’t work at all.  Anyway, once I had the batteries in, it was time for the actual trial part of the review:

What I liked: the magnet actually worked quite well and I felt like it held pretty securely, which is nice because you can position the bullet exactly where you want it and it’ll stay.  The vibrations were fairly strong (the toy only has one speed setting) and constant – the motor is relatively quiet too. Also, although I mentioned that the entire thing was a bit bigger than I expected, it is still small enough to tuck away under a skirt or in your pants (as long as they aren’t too tight).

What I didn’t like: it was disappointing that the on/off switch didn’t work  but I think what would have been even cooler is if the toy came with a pulse setting or some sort of time delay – so you could wear the toy all afternoon out in public and have it go off at random.

This toy would be great for: people who want to enjoy some discrete vibration assisted masturbation – esp in public places. If your on/off switch works, this could be very fun to wear at a party. ^_~

The Vibrating Panty Pal gets a magnetic 5 out of 105of10

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