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Toy Review - Sex A-Peel Vibe

Is that a banana in your vag or are you just… oh it is?
Well carry on then!

The Sex A-Peel Vibrator that my friends at Babeland sent me is about the size and shape of a real banana – well, a pink one.   The banana part is made of silicone and comes with a [...]

Toy Review - ilo Vibe!

Check out my Video Review of the Ilo Vibe from Eden Fantasys:

How do you guys like these video reviews?

Toy Review - Rhythm O Triple Kiss

We’re still experiencing issues with uploading images,
but writing posts seems to be working now!
So while we wait for the long-overdue Cocktoberfest closing ceremonies, allow me to entertain you with a new toy review!

The Rhythm O Triple Kiss from California Exotics has a long name, but that’s because it has A LOT [...]

Avatar Fleshlight!?

You know what I love?
When a sex toy company not only decides to cash in on a fad, but decides to go balls to the wall with it.

The Alien Fleshlight my friends
I didn’t think such a thing was possible,
and now I really wish I had a dick to try it out [...]

Video Toy Review - Amourous

Petite couture Amorous
Rabbit vibrator by California Exotic
Material: Silicone

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This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

Product Review - Inflatable Position Master

Those of you who follow me on Facebook may have noticed my mysterious complaints about blowing up sex furniture; those complaints were because I had taken the Inflatable Position Master from Sexual Fantasy Boutique out of the box and wanted to take it for a spin! Clearly, if I am going to keep reviewing inflatable [...]

Sex Toy Stats

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Introducing Toys to a Reluctant Partner

“Hello I’m a long time fan first time writing to you, anyway my problem is this I’ve been with my girl for four years, we both lost our virginity to each other. I have been trying to spice things up by suggesting using toys like Bullets, vibrators. Every time I hint on wanting to use [...]

Toy Review - Tenga Egg

Tenga is quickly becoming recognized as a major player in the jack-off device game (if fact, I’ve reviewed the squeeze play in the past) – though their products aren’t as durable as something like a Fleshlight, they are cheaper, which does make them attractive to guys/couples who’d like to try a sleeve but don’t want [...]

Toy Review - Remote Vibrating Panties

Bullet vibes are fine, but I’ve always thought they’d be more fun without the crazy long  (or too short) wire hooking the controller up to the actual bullet – you know, something you could hand off to a partner if you wanted to have some discrete fun in public places.  Something, like Babeland’s Remote Vibe [...]