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Porn Trends


Apropos of yesterday’s post, my friend Prospero spotted this comic:


Avatar Fleshlight!?

You know what I love?
When a sex toy company not only decides to cash in on a fad, but decides to go balls to the wall with it.

The Alien Fleshlight my friends
I didn’t think such a thing was possible,
and now I really wish I had a dick to try it out [...]


Give a Girl a Chance

I present to you a song about handjobs.
Hurray for handjobs… well, except that there appears to be a learning curve.

Actually one of the concerns they speak to is the worry that they are going to hurt their partners’ penis.
Which totally made me laugh because it has always surprised me how rough [...]

Wacky Wrappers

I love novelty condoms, especially clever ones.

When I used to live in the Caribbean, the gift shops all used to sell condoms with a picture of two turtles (or other marine life) mounting each other, with text that read: Soon Come.
I always thought these were so funny because “soon come” is [...]

No One Likes a Knock in the Junk

“Dear and beloved Shay, I was chatting with some guys yesterday and they came out with a video of girls kicking each other in the vaginas. What surprised me was how bad the girls reacted to the kicking. They just got to the floor with the face like they were heavily in pain. Just like [...]

Sex Toy Stats

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The Windsor Knot

Everyone should know how to tie a tie… just in case..


It Came from the Internets - a look inside the real doll factory

They don’t call it the uncanny valley for nothing…