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PSA from Adult Film Stars

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Crazy, it’s like they read my post about how the Porn industry is in a unique position to promote safer-sex…
and then kinda half-ass it – but STILL some effort is better than no effort!

Actually, I kinda [...]

Wacky Wrappers

I love novelty condoms, especially clever ones.

When I used to live in the Caribbean, the gift shops all used to sell condoms with a picture of two turtles (or other marine life) mounting each other, with text that read: Soon Come.
I always thought these were so funny because “soon come” is [...]

Shower Sex

“Hi Shay!  I’m a new reader, and I just wanted to ask about something that’s been bugging me and my girlfriend for a while.
We’ve been considering having sex in the shower, but we don’t really know what that means for protection. Do condoms work in water, will lube just be washed off, etc. Also, I’m [...]

Condom Breakage

“I’m e-mailing you because something happened last night that I genuinely need advice about.
Boyfriend and I were having sex yesterday and really enjoying it, but all of a sudden we looked at each other, both thinking ‘Umm…that feels different’.
Anyway we had a look and it turns out the condom had completely split.
He asked [...]

Shay’s Special Film Friday (so special it’s not even on a Friday!)

I’ve decided to dip my toe into the word of video blogging, my dear readers.

And you are going to be my first test audience!

Are you honoured?
Oh good, maybe that’ll help convince you to go easy on me with the critiquing.


And so, without further ado, I [...]

Talking about Sex

A good friend of mine started a fantastic website not too long ago.
The purpose of this website is to create an online resource – a collection, if you will, of stories of people’s experiences learning and/or teaching others about sex and sexuality.

The site is called Beyond the Birds and the Bees.

Being Safe? Oh It’s Worth It

“Hi Shay. Me and my girlfriend want to have sex soon but I realised getting a condom would be a bit of a challenge. How do most people my age, 18, get them? I dont really want to go into the supermarket and buy a pack like that, its a bit embarassing. Thanks“

I’m sorry, there [...]

Condoms: get it ON

Well, everyone knows that pink condoms are total nymphos ^_~

I think my fave part might be when the green one is smacking the pink one’s bum
tee hee

(srsly though, stay safe out there on your sexual adventures my sweet readers)

Lay-tex Condom(e) – I’d like to live in one of those!

“I am newly experienced and cannot quite bring myself to ask my girlfriend (she is more experienced than I am) the following questions. Can a girl tell the difference when her guy is/is not wearing a condom? Does it make a difference to her? Can she tell a difference when he cums and is/is not [...]

Reader Question – Fingerprints of Sperm

“Before I make a fool of myself I’d like to congratulate you on having a very exciting and insightful blog. I have a sexual question: A while ago I had quite a romp and by our fourth go at it, I was quite drained; I had no problem keeping it up, but was [...]