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Condom Breakage

“I’m e-mailing you because something happened last night that I genuinely need advice about.
Boyfriend and I were having sex yesterday and really enjoying it, but all of a sudden we looked at each other, both thinking ‘Umm…that feels different’.
Anyway we had a look and it turns out the condom had completely split.
He asked [...]

Reader Question – Condoms and Pregnancy and Sperm: Oh My!

“Ok so I recently had unprotected sex about a half hour or so after I had masturbated in the shower. Before sex I tried to put a spermicidically lubricated condom on, but while taking the time away from getting head to put it on I could not stay erect. Then I went back to getting [...]

Reader Question – Pregnancy Makes Me Horny!


I’ve been reading your blog for months now and love it. I’ve never commented or written before, but I’m really interested in your take on my “issue.”

I am almost 5 months pregnant. These pregnancy hormones are making me so horny that I basically feel the need to masturbate multiple times in a day. The problem: [...]

Reader Questions Answered

Have you been longing to view a collection of my answers to reader questions?Well your wait is finally over!

Here is a catalogue (which will be kept updated) of my posts answering reader questions.Enjoy! ^_^

Genital Topiary (men)Ouch Not So Hard!Using Vibes While PregnantGet Hard(er)?What to do about wanting to Suck CockThreesomes and InfidelityCondom ConversationMaking The Move“Average” [...]

Reader Question – Sperms and Pregnancy

Shay, How much seed would I have to store up to make a baby?ScottHi Scott,

[I'm just going to assume that you're not talking about keeping buckets of sperm in a freezer to be thawed later and dumped into a vagina. ]As they say, it really only takes one brave little sperm to get a woman [...]

Reader Question – Pregnany and Vibes

“Dear Shay,I am 3 weeks pregnant and curious to know if it would be unsafe to the baby if I used my vibrator. I know sex is not a problem but was wondering if the vibrations would affect the placement of the fetus on the uterine wall. I have read through every baby book but [...]

SEX 101

This one almost didn’t make it into the paper because i forgot to warn my editor that it was going to be late – but she’s lovely and crammed it in anyway!I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine who works at the Wellness Centre on campus and she recommended that I do [...]