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PSA from Adult Film Stars

Crazy, it’s like they read my post about how the Porn industry is in a unique position to promote safer-sex…
and then kinda half-ass it – but STILL some effort is better than no effort!

Actually, I kinda take back the half-ass part, I really like that they brought up how porn actors are tested [...]

Sex Education is Important

You may not know this about me, but I do a lot of work in my real life with sex education and promoting safer-sex practices (i.e. getting people to use condoms).  Some of you may even recall that The S Spot got it’s start as an educational sex column in a campus newspaper!

I feel that [...]

Semen Allergy or Just an Upset Tummy?

“Yesterday I was with a brand new partner, I gave him a blowjob, and swallowed. Today, I had woken up around 7am feeling unusually tired and queesy then, around 5:30pm, after a ride in the car, vomited, feeling instantly better afterward.

I do have a history of car sickness, but this is not the first time [...]

Adventures in Sex City

As soon as I read about this new game to promote safer sex knowledge I knew I needed to check it out.
I mean, with characters like “WonderVag” (a woefully misguided character it turns out) and a villain called “The Sperminator” (who has penis hands), how can you go wrong?
So here’s the gist: you [...]

Shower Sex

“Hi Shay!  I’m a new reader, and I just wanted to ask about something that’s been bugging me and my girlfriend for a while.
We’ve been considering having sex in the shower, but we don’t really know what that means for protection. Do condoms work in water, will lube just be washed off, etc. Also, I’m [...]

Condom Breakage

“I’m e-mailing you because something happened last night that I genuinely need advice about.
Boyfriend and I were having sex yesterday and really enjoying it, but all of a sudden we looked at each other, both thinking ‘Umm…that feels different’.
Anyway we had a look and it turns out the condom had completely split.
He asked [...]

Shay’s Special Film Friday (so special it’s not even on a Friday!)

I’ve decided to dip my toe into the word of video blogging, my dear readers.

And you are going to be my first test audience!

Are you honoured?
Oh good, maybe that’ll help convince you to go easy on me with the critiquing.


And so, without further ado, I [...]

Surfin’ the Crimson Tide

“Ok this is my first time asking a question. lol. anyway iv been wondering, me and my partner have been intimate for a while now and just a query is it ok to have sexual habits and so forth during her period or not i mean it dosent bother me but is there any sort [...]

Herpes “Scare”

“I feel a little silly asking this because I usually freak out over nothing…but the other day I just saw a commercial for herpes and then I shared a water bottle with this girl I know and I thought to myself is it possible to get that from sharing water bottles…seeing as I’m paranoid after [...]

Talking about Sex

A good friend of mine started a fantastic website not too long ago.
The purpose of this website is to create an online resource – a collection, if you will, of stories of people’s experiences learning and/or teaching others about sex and sexuality.

The site is called Beyond the Birds and the Bees.