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Surfin’ the Crimson Tide

Ok this is my first time asking a question. lol. anyway iv been wondering, me and my partner have been intimate for a while now and just a query is it ok to have sexual habits and so forth during her period or not i mean it dosent bother me but is there any sort of bad things that can happen during this time? just heard possible rumors wanted to sort them out. Thx shay love that you are education the masses.“*

I have no idea what rumors you’ve heard about period sex, but…

Assuming you are both healthy, there’s nothing wrong with having sex during your partner’s period. In fact a lot of women enjoy it quite a lot; we can be more sensitive when we are menstruating because the area is swollen (which is natural). Plus, sex is excellent for relieving cramps; the muscle contractions when she orgasms help push fluids out of the uterus. AND sex while she’s on her period can feel nice because the whole canal is more lubricated. Some women even feel extra horny during their period because of the changes in their hormone levels.

HOWEVER. Don’t think that you can skip using protection by having sex when she’s on her period: you can still transmit infections (STI’s) and there is still a chance she could get pregnant.

Period sex can be a little messy, so I would suggest laying down a towel first, or having sex in the shower – just to make things a little easier. I’ve written a little more about this HERE.


*Oooh yes dear readers, you better believe if you send me an e-mail without re-reading it for grammatical errors and spell checking I will post it as-is – no matter how silly it makes you sound.

2 comments to Surfin’ the Crimson Tide

  • mandy

    i’ve never had sex during my period, but i can tell ya something…i certainly do feel more excited when it’s around that time of month, during, and a few days after :)

    the only negative thing i’ve been told, was that it might cause ya to bleed heavier..IDK.

  • Chris

    Cheers to that, Shay. The forces of text messaging have declared war on punctuation, but we’re going to win. Ironic that someone writing for advice about periods barely knows how to use one. School much?

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