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Erotic FanFiction…

I was thinking about doing an audio post, reading a section of DoaF for your listening pleasure.
However, if it comes out anything like this, I’m not sure I want to! haha


3 comments to Erotic FanFiction…

  • Morning-Wood

    I would be happy with any new DoaF material, regardless of its form. *cough* new chapter *cough*

    I am sure no matter what you decide to do, will end up making me happy lol. (It seems to be a combination of me being easily entertained, and the top notch quality material you post.)

  • Dan

    I’m sure that a Fic in your voice would be excellent. No matter if I’ve never heard your voice =P

    And I would be VERY happy with DoaF’s new chapter.

  • Winged

    We’re so typical, you mention futagoodness and all other thoughts go out the window.

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