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Reader Question – Condoms and Pregnancy and Sperm: Oh My!

Ok so I recently had unprotected sex about a half hour or so after I had masturbated in the shower. Before sex I tried to put a spermicidically lubricated condom on, but while taking the time away from getting head to put it on I could not stay erect. Then I went back to getting more head, I tried another condom… same thing. At this point the idea of a condom was then tossed, literally. We had sex for a good 45 minutes or so due to my not being able to produce any cum. I did not cum at any point with her. So my question is: what are the chances there was still semen inside my penis for her to become pregnant. Any insight would be helpful.

‘Open for suggestions’

Hi OS,

Unfortunately I wasn’?t quite given enough information to really calculate the exact percentage chance that you had enough semen left in your penis to get your partner pregnant. ^_~ However, I can say that yes, there is a chance that she could get pregnant from what you described.

When your masturbated to orgasm in the shower you would have ejaculated out the majority of your sperm, but not 100% of it, some would still have been caught up in your urethra or further back in your plumbing. Usually this isn’t a big deal as the sperm would have come out eventually on it’s own or would have been re-absorbed into the body over time. BUT, in your case, you ended up having sex pretty soon after.

You probably have noticed that when you get turned on and/or when someone plays with your dick you start pre-cumming. The pre-cum, in this case, will collect the sperm left in your plumbing and carry it out. I’m sure some of the left-over sperm ended up in your partner’s mouth when she was giving you head, but there is still a chance that some made it into her vagina with your pre-cum when you two started having sex.
So it’s a small chance, but still a chance.

One thing you two need to do is have a secondary form of birth control for cases like there when you can’t get a condom on and/or for in case the condom breaks. This would be something like her being on the pill, wearing an IUD, using a diaphragm, or using a female condom. Another back-up you could try is keeping some spermicidal gel or foam to apply liberally if you can’t get a condom to work for you, this is less effective than condoms and can cause irritation, but is more effective than nothing. However, none of these methods, except the female condom, will protect you from STI?s.

Another thing you should work on is getting a condom on. Standard latex condoms are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy and around 70-85% effective at preventing sexually transmitted infections, when used correctly.

But, it’s not uncommon for guys to have trouble maintaining an erection when they try to get a condom on – it just takes practice and/or a little extra effort to get things going right.

Try putting a condom on by yourself; make sure that you’re not having a problem because you’re using the wrong size. Then try using a condom when you’re masturbating – making sure that you leave that half inch reservoir at the tip – jerking off while you wear it will help you get used to wearing a condom and, who knows, maybe you’?ll really like the experience.

Another thing you can try in the heat of the moment with your partner is having her put the condom on you with her mouth, that way you don’t really have to stop the fun to put it on.

I hope that helps!

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