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I have a question for all of you stopping by today…
If you have a penis on your body – would you suck it if you could? And if you would, would you swallow?
If you don’t have a penis – if you grew one would you suck it? And if you would, would you swallow?
Why or why not?

If I were able to grow one, I think I would have to at least try both – just to see what all the fuss is about.

Also, don’t forget that today is the last day for you to get your nominations in for the 2006 sexblog awards put on by dirtyspoke.

48 comments to Question

  • Anonymous

    Would I if I could? Yes
    Would I swallow? Maybe

  • Prospero

    Of course and yes. I mean, it’s the old joke:

    “Why does a dog lick himself?”
    “Because he can.” duh!

  • Anonymous

    Hmm… if I grew one, and I could anatomically contort myself to suck it… yeah, probably.

    Would I swallow? Depends on how into it I was.

  • Anonymous

    When I was under 18 I was able to suck my own cock and enjoyed it. Today I still swallow, lick if off my girls. I like it a lot…

  • Anonymous

    Would I suck it if I grew one? – Yeah, obvs.

    Would I swallow? – Yeah, why not? I think we’ve all tasted our own juices however inadvertently during the course of hookups…

  • ArtfulDodger

    I’ve always believed you can’t ask someone to do something you wouldn’t do yourself. So yes and yes, gosh knows I end up with it anyway after all the contortions are over. :)

  • Anonymous

    I think a penis is one of the most fascinating things about men…

    So…Yes. If I could grow one, I’d suck it and I’d swallow…

    I rather like the taste of my men and I like my own for that matter. *grins*

  • Anonymous

    If you have a penis on your body < ----- I have and I quite like it of course :D

    would you suck it if you could? < ----- I can do that... It's not really hard, except for the first time, trying to find the right position to do it, without hurting yourself.

    And if you would, would you swallow? < ----- Yeah, I tried that two or three times... Didn't quite like the flavour :D But it really depends on how arousal I am.

    By the way, nice blog you have here (found it on Google, while searching for hentai :D (I found this article ). This is my first post though (I thought I had to register to post :D)

  • rebooting

    i have one and yeah, if I was flexible enough, I sure as hell would — would feel a lot better than masturbation, just as blowjobs feel better than handjobs.
    Sure, I’d swallow, why not :)

  • jsull28fl@yaho

    i have one and i suspect id suck it if could
    i wouldn’t swallow tho
    or spit either id make the deposit somewhere other than my mouth.

  • badinfluencegirl

    i’m the kind of flexible that if i had one i could suck it and i would…

    but i don’t know if i would swallow anymore than i would swallow my own pee.

    that said, i swallow boys cum all the time and not their pee so *shrug* dunno…

  • Shay

    Anon1 – but why maybe?

    Prospero – haha so I take it that you’re going to be signing up for yoga classes? ^_~

    Anon2 – So if you were really really into it, you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself?

    Anon3 – That’s pretty cool! Do you miss being able to suck it yourself?

    TeamG – Yeah, that makes sense ^_^

    Art – haha that’s a good reason

    GreenW – awesome, so you’d swallow because you like it. ^_^

    Anon4 – Well I’m glad to hear from you and I’m glad that you’ve been enjoying my blog! ^_^ Also, it’s very cool that you can suck yourself off, you must be pretty flexible – I could too, if I had one ^_~

    Rebooting – yeah, why not, at least once or twice. ^_^

    js – I get that, but why?

    BIG – ditto on the flexibility, but the swallowing part is tricky, isn’t it?

  • Anonymous

    I’d suck my own if I had one and was flexible. I love the thought of having a huge dick and sliding it into some willing woman.

  • StripGoddess

    LOL! Interesting imagery there.

    I would suck it, yes, and I’d probably swallow.

  • Cain

    Ummm…don’t know if I’d want to try that.

    ~~See: the movie, “CLERKS” for a killer out-cum to this idea~~

    After hearing the story, you’ll reconsider (LOL!)


  • Anonymous

    Most definitely I would suck….geez it’s a cock isn’t it?
    I think I would swallow, I swallow other people’s why not my own?
    LOL…love the idea, good one

  • Anonymous

    I can self-fellate, and I certainly swallow … it’s cleaner, more fun, and tastes better than not swallowing! ;-)

  • Beth

    Oh god i’d love to suck on a big fat dick if I had one.

  • Anonymous

    Pagan here: Um… yes I would if I had one. Yes, I would swallow.

  • badinfluencegirl

    shay it took me a long time to want to stick my finger in my mouth after i masturbated but i like it now… i suspect it’s the same way with self fellating and swallowing…

  • Anonymous

    If I had my own penis I’d never get out of bed.

  • Pyrhonik

    Never thought about it before.

    If I could I’d probably try it once and see how it went.

    And yes I would swallow :)

    Great fuckin question babe!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with AAG.

    Would I – absolutely
    Swallow – from time to time. Already tasted it before, not bad.

  • Seraph

    If my back could even come close to managing it – and it can’t, I’ve tried several times – I would most definitely suck my own cock.

  • Seraph

    Sorry – didn’t finish what I meant to say.

    I probably wouldn’t do it that often, though – the discomfort would kinda lessen the pleasure.

    I *would* swallow. I agree with artfuldodger – can’t ask someone to do something I wouldn’t do myself, so I have tried it before. Not so bad.

    Besides, it would eliminate the need for cleanup entirely. There is no bad there.

  • the girl in camouflage

    If I had a cock, you bet your ass I’d suck it, and I’d swallow, too. Shit, if I could lick myself now I’d do that. It’s all masturbation, right?

    Here’s a thought … do you think if more guys *could* suck themselves off, that men (in general) would be less skittish about gay guys? I’m not sure exactly how to word that, but hopefully you’ll get my drift.

  • Anonymous

    If I could actually reach….I’d do it at least once. Would I swallow? Probably not.

    Do you?


  • boyfriend

    Were I flexible enough, it would be a regular thing, like part of my routine when I get home from work. Walk in the door, turn on the radio, boot up the computer, walk the dog, get out of my work clothes, suck my cock, get into jeans and a t-shirt, hit the blogs for a bit…

    And I’ve already tasted plenty of my own cum just during the course of regular sex and it doesn’t bother me, so I would definitely swallow.

  • ~A-Lo~

    HmmM…I agree with one of the other commenters…penis’ are so fascinating!

    If I could grow one, I would…suck it? mMmMmm YES…swallow? No…too salty…bad for my diet :p

  • Cayman J

    If I could contort that way I wouldn’y suck my dick but I would definetly enjoy being able to lick my womans clit as a screwed her.

  • Anonymous

    I have a penis and if I could I would. I would swallow since I enjoy sharing with Jen when the opportunity arises.


  • jsull28fl@yaho

    hmmmm i don’t know. I’d really rather not have it on me at all actually much less in my mouth. Although when I’m down on a female (going away my fave thing) the more the merrier, rub my face in it. So I don’t know the answer to that.

  • Anonymous

    Welcome back Shay! If I could, I would totally suck myself off to completion. As for swallowing, I would go 50/50 on swallowing and painting my own face with a huge facial. If I could grow one, I would also think about leaving it uncircumcised. That way, I could tell people that I’m “cut” and “uncut”.

  • Anonymous

    very interesting question… like a few have said previously, everyone has tasted their own juices at one point or another… so yes, if I “grew” a cock, I’d at least try to suck it – see how it goes, probably swallow out of curiosity too.

    Love your blog btw, keep it up. =)

  • ramble on!

    i’ve tried… i can’t… that’s my fantasy… why? cause it’s selfpleasure as masturbation

    this post needs more pics…

  • Anonymous

    I love sucking cock… so yes to both . Releasing a huge load all over my face and tits while watching in the mirror would be the ultimate for me.

  • Anonymous

    I do have one, I can for the most part, I just wish I could get more then the head into my mouth, I actualy do it like “She” does in the picture,

    *stares at picture before going to try again*

    And yes I would swallow, I do

  • Anonymous

    First off, I REALLY want to stick my dick into the pussy of the girl sucking her own cock in the picture! I bet it would help her a lot!

    Anyway, based on what you’ve read, I’m a guy. I would try it if my body was flexible. I don’t know about swallowing, though. But if any girl would try it if she grew one, I’m letting you know I can give you a helping hand, dick, mouth, finger, etc. (LOL *Grining*)

  • Anonymous

    i’m a guy, i have not seriously tried to suck my own dick. But I love squirting jizz all over my lady friend, and have sloppy kisses with the stuff all over her lips so I have tasted quite a bit of it. Not bad!

  • Rook

    Ah, what good questions.
    Yes, I can and do, and I swallow whenever I can. If I were a futa instead of a guy, I’d definately be more inclined to give myself a nice self-bukkake, but for now, I enjoy the taste too much to squander it on my face and flat chest. ^_^

  • Daniel

    If I could get myself flexible enough, I would without a doubt try it (probably get into it). As for swallowing, might try it, but it might not be a regular thing. (I actually started trying to suck myself when I came across this post, but to no avail. Anybody got any tips?)

  • Anonymous

    When I was younger I used to be able too… I could never get more than the first couple inches which was always depressing.

    Either way, I’m not as flexible as I used to be, but if I could still do it, just reading this article would probably inspire me to right now.

  • Andy_p_

    I tasted my own cum once…
    didn’t like it

    when i get really intense i do like sucking on a banna, thinking of it as a cock

  • Anonymous

    To be honest, I tried it 4 or 5 times and swallowed my cum for 2 times. Althought, I’ve already jerked off about 3 hour ago, after reading the comments I’ll try suck myself off again. As others said, it is depressing that I can only suck on the tip, plus maximum 1-2 inches.

    I wish I’d be more flexible, so I could deepthroat myself. It’s one of my hottest fantasies.

    I think this is connected with my desire for female domination.=P
    I’m only 18, so with my girlfriend we’ve just begun to have fun =)

  • Kilroy.07

    I can, and its amazing once i got the tip in but for about 3 seconds.

    I havent tried swallowing yet, bassically cause theres so much i think i would choke O.O

    I have done it about 10 times so my back is flexible but not super flexible

  • Psylon

    Yes I deffinately would if i could. Because masturbating gets boring after a while

  • Anonymous

    I used to be able to, haven’t tried in a long time. Never really shot a whole load into my mouth or anything, but ended up with a little taste once or twice. Not bad, but doesn’t really do anything for me…the act itself though? Very cool. The bend to get down so far puts you under so much pressure that even just getting those first few inches into your mouth feels like heaven and the release at the end is absolute nirvana.

  • Mhm

    If I could, I totally would. A lot. xD It’d feel amazzzzing.. plus I’ve secretly always wanted to try sucking one. >.> And I’ve also wanted to taste my own cum. But I lose the urge when I’m done. If I finished in my mouth.. problem solved <.<;

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