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Reader Question – Pregnany and Vibes

“Dear Shay,
I am 3 weeks pregnant and curious to know if it would be unsafe to the baby if I used my vibrator. I know sex is not a problem but was wondering if the vibrations would affect the placement of the fetus on the uterine wall. I have read through every baby book but can’t find an answer. Please don’t make me ask my ob-gyn, I’ll never feel comfortable with her again. Oh and I know, I’m a mother now and I should not feel silly but I do so there.”

First of all, thank you for asking. Everyone feels silly asking questions about sex sometimes, but if you don’t ask, you’ll never know!

Next, if you are three weeks pregnant then you don’t need to worry about the vibrator disrupting your fetus’ placement on your uterine wall. ^_^ The fetus implants only 7 days after fertilization. ( Unless you’re measuring with the obstetricians method, counting from your last period – if you are using this method, then your fetus will be implanting this week and you should hold off on using a vibe for at least one more week.)

So far there have not been any studies (that I can find) investigating the possible effect of vibrator use during pregnancy. But experts seem to agree that using a vibrator outside of your vagina is safe during any stage of pregnancy. What experts don’t agree on is how safe it is to use a vibe inside your vagina during pregnancy.

But I suspect that as long as your doctor has given you the okay for sex, it should be safe for you to use your vibe. The vibrations produced by sex toys are generally very mild and shouldn’t have a negative affect on you or your baby. Exercising actually puts more stress on the body than using a vibe and having orgasms.

As for right now, a little dipping is probably fine, but if you are really worried about affecting your fetus, I think you should just use the vibe externally for now and maybe turn it off if/when you want to slide it inside.

I hope that helps.
Edit: I also found a pretty neat pregnancy calendar HERE.

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7 comments to Reader Question – Pregnany and Vibes

  • Karl Elvis

    That picture is hot.

    Yes, I know, one of my fetishes is showing.

    Hell, some of the best sex I’ve ever had was with a woman just days away from full-term. I don’t think a vibrator is an issue, not compared to the poundings I gave that woman. B^)

  • Anonymous

    OH thank you so much you have made me very very happy!

  • gigi

    Sometimes it is so hard to ask your Doctor ‘personal’ questions, kudos to you Anon for asking and Shay for the informative answer!

    I was soooo Horny when I was pregnant! Damn, I couldn’t keep my hands off me. I never had any trouble with using my vibrator and my kids are, relatively, fine and healthy. My OB told me to have as much fun as I could considering that after children there wouldn’t be much free time to masturbate. I had know idea how right she was.

    Funny story:

    When I was going into my 15th day of being overdue my OB begged me to have sex…with my husband she said that once the cervix is “ripe” a good (and I’m using her word here) pounding will stimulate labor ,of course this was well past 40 weeks!

  • pantylines

    sounds like some sound advice to me…

  • Best of Blogger

    I agree with pantylines. Sounds like she knows what she is talking about.

  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    When I was two weeks overdue, I spent the entire night masturbating in a desperate attempt to start labor before they induced me.

    Didn’t work.

    But I had a great time.


  • Tara Tainton

    Now, that’s another sex-while-pregnant question I hadn’t thought of! Fascinating. :) I’ll have to remember that for when the time comes. Thanks for the info!

    Tara (your newest fan!)

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