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Reader Questions Answered

Have you been longing to view a collection of my answers to reader questions?
Well your wait is finally over!

Here is a catalogue (which will be kept updated) of my posts answering reader questions.
Enjoy! ^_^

Genital Topiary (men)
Ouch Not So Hard!
Using Vibes While Pregnant
Get Hard(er)?
What to do about wanting to Suck Cock
Threesomes and Infidelity
Condom Conversation
Making The Move
“Average” Penis Size?
Porn Addiction
“I Want Her to Want my Cock”
Sex = Teamwork
Going Bare Down There
Cum Stains
Positions in Hentai
Baby Powder for Pussies?
Swinging Etiquette
Sex Toys from Household Items
How to Help Him Cope with Gushing
A Personal Question
Jerking off to Grow?
Baby Making
How Ejaculation Happens
More Ejaculation Questions
Asking for Trimmed Bush
Girls Masturbating
“I want her to cum too!”
UnSticky Lubes
Blow Job Issues
Bedroom Jitters
Finding Casual Sex Partners
Is She Faking?
Do I Need Anal Douches?
Tips for post-sex cleanup
Pubic Hair Expectations?
Pregnant but Horny, What about my husband?
Tips for Solo Bum Play
Fancy Toys in Porn?
Keeping the Home Fires Burning
Introducing New Toys to Your Partner
Condoms and Pregnancy and Sperm – Oh my!
Asking for Oral (as in cunnilingus)
Make our Love-making better
Hymens and Masturbation
Tips for a First Time Trimmer
Latex Allergy and Condoms
Where The S Spot came from
Condom Slip-up
Am I a Panty Sniffing freak? (two answers)
Bringing up Prostate Stimulation
Oral Flavour Worries
BB Hentai? Wha?
Rekindling Messy Oral
Masturbation and your Period
Is Masturbation Sex? (two answers)

Sparing his Knees
Dying your Pubes
What are Cock Rings?
Advice for First Timers
Porn for Her
Penis Questions
Female Ejaculation?
Am I a high-sex-drive freak?
In Search of Female Domination
Small when Soft = Problem?
Porn and/or my Relationship?

I’ll also be putting this button in my sidebar, so that you can access this post anytime you’d like to read up on the latest updates. ^_^

Do you have a burning question for the Shay? Feel free to e-mail me: [email protected] .

11 comments to Reader Questions Answered

  • Celtic Frog


    One of these days I’ll think of a question…

  • dirty secret girl

    Oh Shay! You’re just the best. I swear I don’t know what I’d do without you. You are providing an awesome service. Thank you!

  • padme

    I love your blog. You have some of the most interesting blog posts. :)
    A burning question for you…hmmmm…I’ll have to think about that and let you know. *big grins*

  • Aragorn

    Great idea dear ! So many questions anwered already !! Wow, some (s)expert … Hugs

  • adam

    At present, I don’t have any questions.

    In the meantime though, I’m finding your answers delightful.

    My burning questions–when they come up–will fly your way!!

    XX, Adam.

  • ArtfulDodger

    Great idea sweetie! ;)

  • Haaaaaaa

    This was a great idea to gather your reader responses in a single link. Thanks for doing that.

  • melanaise

    I don’t know about *burning questions* (sounds contagious)

    However, can I put that button in my side bar for the linkback to ya on one of my logs?

  • Shay

    Thanks you guys! you’re ao sweet!

    Mel (and anyone else) feel free to use my button to link to this post. ^_^

  • joe in j-pan

    I have a burning question, Shay; why do network marketing adds ask me to buy weenie-make-bigger gizmos, make-it-harder, and make-that-weenie hard-longer creams…when first I need a gizmo to find one to use such a gizmo with? If I were as mizzerable hung/eduranced/or softly made, doesn’t it make sense that also i would not have the girl to begin with?
    And hence the first advertisement should be, “Take this pill and a new girlfriend will pop from your…(name any orafice here,) please advise how i can solve question 2 when there isn’t any problem with question (s) one!

  • Shay

    But they do try to solve that problem for you – haven’t you seen all the personal ad and dating site popups?

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