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Film Fridays 11 – Sometimes ya got to squeeze

This week’s film is dedicated to the ridiculous AAG because she was the only person to recognize the song and comment on it when I mentioned it a while ago. ^_^

Click HERE to view.

I think this song has a great message.

Sex isn’t just about what YOU want/need to get yourself off (or what you think your partner wants/needs). Sometimes it’s a good idea to take things slow and find out what your lover really wants/needs in bed and then doing it, not because you feel obligated, but because it’s what they’d like and you care. And they should do the same for you.

It’s all about the give and take and the orgasms.

Like Jack says “I’m gonna screw you gently … But then I’m gonna fuck you hard!”

, , fuck her gently

12 comments to Film Fridays 11 – Sometimes ya got to squeeze

  • Aragorn

    LO-VE-LY !! Lol, hilarious and so sweet. Yes, listening to each other and each other’s bodies … (brooding on a post on this for some time already). Thanks, lovely post dear !! – A

  • DZER

    I just saw this the other day on youtube and SO almost posted it! LOL

    gotta love Tenacious D!!

    *smooches and boinks*

  • Cayman J

    i saw that vid a while ago ans thought it was funny as hell but very, very true. you have to do her well and make her happy but sometimes you just have to fuck her hard.

  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    Hey! Who you calling ridiculous, missy????


    You’ll make Karl Elvis happy. He loves that song too, I believe.

  • :P fuzzbox

    I’ve seen this film making the rounds and it always makes me grin.

  • Sweetmiss

    First time I have ever seen it and I loved it. Thanks for posting it.


  • Mr Gently

    I think that the only way a long term sex life can endure is by communication.

    Banging’s all well and good in the heat of passion, but nothing beats a 4 or 5 hour lovefest with plenty of foreplay.

  • horny guy

    that was too funny..

  • rupert

    There’s another refrain to that song isn’t there, something drifting like Pink Floyd that goes on to a decimal fade stating “and the orgasms, and the orgasms, and the orgasms, and the orgasms”? I could be wrong but I’m sure I’ve heard that version somewhere.


  • Shay

    Aragorn – so much time spend brooding and then a song just sums it all up ^_~

    Dzer – I *heart* tenacious d!

    CJ – I know it’s an older song.

    AAG – lol you KNOW you’re rediculous sweety! ^_~

    Fuzz – It’s STILL making rounds?!

    SweetMiss – hehe well I’m glad it was new to someone and I’m extra glad that you liked it. ^_^

    MrG – 4-5 hours? that’s too long for me. ^_~

    HG – glad I could entertain you!

    Rups – really? haha I’ve never heard that version. ^_~

  • Anonymous


    A little tender humpin’ with a bit o’ cuddles at the end. A few trailing kisses and nibbles. A little soft lighting, fresh comfy bedding, maybe some easy-listenin’ music. Some scented oils perhaps?


    An angry fuck fest that begins on the stairs and ends up on the floor. Complete with biting, scratching, spanking, and handcuffs. All to the pounding of Linkin Park and Metallica. Rough and insane till you both collapse in a sweaty, sticky mess on top of eachother.

    Hey, to each their own. There’s strong points for both scenarios! I ain’t judgin’, only lovin’!

    Have a gooder.

    - Sean

  • the bare frame

    love the D, shay, but haven’t seen the vid ’till now… thanks, hon!

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