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CockBlogging Wednesday 21

Here comes the Easter Bunny with a special treat for you in his basket!

This is J’s second appearance on my blog
I just could not resist posting his great Easter shot!

Give your cock some time in the spotlight – Send a picture to me( [email protected] ); I would be happy to alternate between cockblogging and cuntblogging if I were to receive any pictures from my female readers/fellow bloggers. So Ladies get out your cameras and Guys, start convincing your wives, girlfriends, close friends, etc (especially if YOU have already sent in a pic for cockblogging) ^_~

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8 comments to CockBlogging Wednesday 21

  • Desireous

    LOL That’s great Shay!!! Here comes Peter Cock-and-tail!


  • Strumpet

    Thank you, Shay.

    Thank you, J.

    You BOTH rock.

    Have a happy and fun-filled Easter Holiday.

  • Naughty Faery

    Just read your comment Shay! What is your LJ id??? Mine is fuschiafaery if you would like to friend me.

  • jim

    LOL . . . somebody has WAY too much time on his hands.

  • Wino & Wife

    That thing is Huge. I prefer mine cut, but I would take a pass on that one. – Jen

  • Alex

    Hell J! What stories were you told at kindergarten? Progrssive place was it?

  • Momentarily_Distracted

    Nice! I want an Easter basket this year. ;oD

  • Shay

    Des – Haha I love that!

    Strumpet – thanks babe! you too! ^_~

    NF – Cool! I’ll have to look you up, I hardly use my account anymore though. :(

    Jim – haha that’s what I said

    Jen – yeah, he was my first uncut, it took some getting used to.

    Alex – Oh, I’m sure it was the same school you went to sweety. ^_~

    M_D – haha I’ll have to see if he’ll make “deliveries” ^_~

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