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Cuntblogging Wednesday 41

Another lovely lady has sent us in a pic to break up all the sausage involved in Cocktoberfest.

And she’s all authentic with her cover up too (which SHE picked – very cool).
Just click-through if you want to see her, you know… naked

Chrystally with heartHi Shay!  I have been to Oktoberfest this year, so I though “why not join Cocktoberfest as well?” Unfortunately, I am of the wrong gender but I send you my pics anyway.
I also managed to find a suitable cover – one of those gingerbread hearts they sell all over Oktoberfest places. Mine says “greetings from Oktoberfest 2008″. The Bavarians would probably banish you forever for proposing that a doughnut goes with beer, so I suggest Bavarian veal sausage, a knuckle of pork or a pretzel for the next time ^.^
I like your blog very much, keep on going!

pfft there is no “wrong” gender, but maaaaybe I agree with you about doughnuts and beer.

4 comments to Cuntblogging Wednesday 41

  • Mabel

    Wow! Quite a spread, there. ;)
    Very wet picture, too. I know it’s usually hard to capture juices of the femme variety on camera, sometimes.
    Thanks for sharing!

    I wonder if I should start my own sex blog. I’ve always wanted to, and would be happy to give reviews to any toys I received, the trouble is.. I can’t afford a $60+ toy every few weeks or so, which would make my blog a bit lacking on content. ^^;

  • Mia

    Really lovely shot! I wasn’t on Oktoberfest this year, but a few years ago and i think it’s overrated. Cocktoberfest seems to be better for me!^^

  • wildwoodweed

    Totally gorgeous!

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