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Reader Question – Condom Conundrum

“I have a quick sex-related question. *Gasp!* My boyfriend is allergic to latex, so we’re looking at outside options: polyurethane and animal-skin condoms, and female condoms. I haven’t had any experience with female condoms; is there a big difference in effectiveness or pleasure between female and male condoms? Price is also an issue, which latex-alternative [...]

Reader Question – Condoms and Pregnancy and Sperm: Oh My!

“Ok so I recently had unprotected sex about a half hour or so after I had masturbated in the shower. Before sex I tried to put a spermicidically lubricated condom on, but while taking the time away from getting head to put it on I could not stay erect. Then I went back to getting [...]

Film Fridays 51 – Runaway Penis

Be prepared, because you never know!^_~

Guys, what would you do?Actually, what would any of you do if you saw a runaway penis on the street!?haha

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Reader Questions Answered

Have you been longing to view a collection of my answers to reader questions?Well your wait is finally over!

Here is a catalogue (which will be kept updated) of my posts answering reader questions.Enjoy! ^_^

Genital Topiary (men)Ouch Not So Hard!Using Vibes While PregnantGet Hard(er)?What to do about wanting to Suck CockThreesomes and InfidelityCondom ConversationMaking The Move“Average” [...]

Condom Conversation…

Jook says:Shay, I have a kindof embarassing question

Shay says:Ask away. ^_^

Jook says:I’m planning for my date tonight and… where can I go to buy condoms?

Shay says:Oh! You can find some at a grocery store, pharmacy, or even some convenience stores. But go for a brand you recognize like Tojan or Durex, you don’t want to [...]

SEX 101

This one almost didn’t make it into the paper because i forgot to warn my editor that it was going to be late – but she’s lovely and crammed it in anyway!I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine who works at the Wellness Centre on campus and she recommended that I do [...]

Question and Answer Sex-plosion!

[ This is the massive question and answer piece i did for the feature *two page spread* in the Ontarion's 'Love/Lust/Sex' Issue]In celebration of this special love/lust/sex issue of the Ontarion, the editors gathered up tons of questions from my readers for me to answer! So, here we go:

Dear Shay: What can I do to [...]