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Condom Conversation…

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Jook says:
Shay, I have a kindof embarassing question

Shay says:
Ask away. ^_^

Jook says:
I’m planning for my date tonight and… where can I go to buy condoms?

Shay says:
Oh! You can find some at a grocery store, pharmacy, or even some convenience stores. But go for a brand you recognize like Tojan or Durex, you don’t want to get a “ruff ryder” and have it break…

Jook says:
and one box should do me for now…?

Shay says:
for now ^_~

Jook says:

Shay says:
Maybe just get a box of 6?
If you get 12 you might seem….well…you know…
too cocky (lol), like you’ve got high expectations

Jook says:
So basically a box of 6 means sex 6 times right?

Shay says:
well I don’t want you re-using condoms -
there’ll be no “we’ll just flip it inside out and go again” for you!
lol so yes, 6 condoms = sex 6 times

Jook says:
I guess that could work… for today at least ;)

Shay says:
have you practiced putting one on?

Jook says:

Shay says:
You should do a little rehearsal before “show time”, just so that you can feel confident that you know what you are doing (and to make sure you got the right size).
But I’ll give you some tips for putting on a condom.

Jook says:
cool, thanks. :)

Shay says:
1. You can ask her to put it on
(Even if she’s never put one on before either, sometimes having a different angle makes it easier.)

2. You can put it on yourself

Now, no matter who is putting it on you, the first thing you wanna do is pinch the little tip of the condom. That’s the sperm reservoir and it won’t work to catch your sperms very well if it is full of air. Pinching the tip while you put on the condom will help keep the reservoir empty for your sperms

Jook says:
ok, this is before I put it on?

Shay says:
yes – well, before and during putting it on
You can hold the condom by the reservoir tip and then take a moment to check to make sure you are putting the condom on the right way

Jook says:
how do I know that?

Shay says:
I’ve gotten this part wrong a couple of times…
you want the roll on the outside and sometimes it’s hard to tell (that’s how I’ve gotten it wrong)

Jook says:
you want to roll on the outside….

Shay says:
But you want to know before you get it on your cock so that you don’t get pre-cum on the condom and then have to flip it over
So what I usually do is: when I’m holding it by the tip, I roll it down a tiny bit to make sure the roll is on the outside (you’ll know because it will be easy to roll down)
Then you pop the condom over the head of your erect cock
Slide the tip to where you are pinching the reservoir

and roll the condom down your shaft ^_^

Jook says:
ok so if it is difficult to roll down then I am putting it on the wrong way

Shay says:
haha yeah
But you want to know that you’ve got it the right way before you put it on your cock
because you’ll get pre-cum on the condom when you try it and then that side will be facing out (i.e towards her fertile vagina) when you have to flip it over

Jook says:
Are there any other ways to tell?

Shay says:
It’ll be easier(and safer) to tell when you’re holding the condom up by the tip…
take a close look
and, I do the little roll trick when I’m not sure

Jook says:
gosh this is so complicated
and how much am I pinching my sperm catcher?

Shay says:
You’re just pinching it a little – like holding. You don’t have to press hard or anything.
It only sounds complicated when I have to explain it over IM like this…

and if you’re really nervous, just try practicing alone once or twice, a lot of guys do.

Oh! You’ll want to make sure that, when you are done, you pull out before your cock gets too soft AND make sure you hold the base of the condom so that you don’t accidentally leave it in her.

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9 comments to Condom Conversation…

  • :P fuzzbox

    Very informative. The one part about 6 condoms = sex 6 times reminded me of the old joke. How do you reuse a condom? Flip it inside out and shake the fuck out of it.

  • Frodo Corleone

    I’m replying here to your question about the webband because I thought you would see it sooner.

    Place the code after the body tag, but before your content begins.

    Hope that helps.

    BTW, if anyone is looking for condoms go to eBay… I know it sounds creepy, but you can get like a 100 lubed Trojans for less than $10. The selection is not that bad for all the rough riders and magnum XL fellas. The better dealers will also maintain your privacy.

  • horny guy

    sizing is important. i tried a bunch of different ones before i found one that fit the way i wanted it to fit. i hate trojans. they smell too much like a rubber tire. the japanese brands are the best. no latex odor. buying online is good. dunno about ebay but places like is pretty cheap. i’ve ordered from them.

  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    When I first read Frodo C’s comment…

    I thought he said…

    “100 USED Trojans.”


  • ShyRocket

    Check out my blog… interested to know your thoughts!

  • bedroomdancer

    Very informative Shay. I don’t know if I would have taken the question as seriously, which it’s a good thing you did because he really had deeper questions than where do you buy them. Way to dig in and find the bigger question.

  • gigi

    Should be required reading!

  • Aragorn

    Never too late to ask, and, better to ask then … Great post. – A

  • The Confessor

    Has anyone tried the Elexa condoms? Any complaints?

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