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Fun with keywords

Before the holidays I had a poll set up asking where my readers had been coming from, but I never reported the results to you – so here they are ^_^

24% of you found me after another sexy blog mentioned me
another 24% of you found me after you followed a sexy comment I left on another blog
16% clicked a link to me on another sexy blog’s blogroll
11% found me through the bloggasm Sugasm
9% found me some other way that I didn’t mention (what ways were those?)
7% heard about me from a friend (awww how sweet!)
4% spotted me on a sex blog list
another 4% found me on technorati
and 9% of you found me when you were searching for naughty stuff in a search engine (like google).

So welcome to all of my lovely readers – especially those of you who found me after searching for things like:

The Saugeen Stripper (all 500 of you)

I’m not really sure what you were hoping to find when you typed in “Hypnotic Beer” but I hope this was helpful.

“Vagina orgasms”, yeah I’ve searched that term too, when I was working on This for the Ontarion.

Now, I’ve never heard of “Urethra Sounds”, maybe I will have to start listening for them. For some reason I imagine them sounding like whale sounds. In any case, I hope This was at least interesting for you to read.

“Non Consentual Sex Pictures” isn’t really the sort of thing I would have on my blog. Even the Saugeen Stripper’s photos were consentual (though their internet distribution may not have been)

For once I had exactly what this person was looking for when they typed in “Three Headed Turtle” – I talked about that in This massive double page feature that I wrote for the Ontarion.

I may have talked briefly about tentacle sex Here, but I have yet to talk about a “hentai squid” – This is the closest I have come though.

Mmm, I love the “Smell of Cock” too. I hope This was the sort of thing you were looking for, or maybe you wanted something more like This ?

I wish I knew what the person who searched “Don’t Need Sex” was looking for, because I am at a loss. I’m hoping they were somewhat entertained by This when they came across it.

“Good vs Bad Hentai” – is there really bad hentai? Perhaps poorly drawn hentai, or hentai that doesn’t go with your particular desires (like some extreme fetish hentai that you don’t enjoy). But if you were looking for hentai versus something else then This is what you’d find here.

I’m really glad that someone was looking up “Ecoli and Anal Sex” because this is something that people need to be careful with. Luckily I published This a number of months ago. ^_^

In conclusion, I’m really happy that people are finding what they need here at the S Spot. I do my best to give you what you might want/need or to at least entertain you (or teach you a little something).

If there’s a topic you’d love to have me cover feel free to leave me a comment or drop me an e-mail any time, I’m ALWAYS happy to hear from you and will do my very best to answer any questions or to talk about any topic.

And finally, have a great day my sweet readers!

5 comments to Fun with keywords

  • Desireous

    Keywords you have to love them. Most of them are fun! Clever idea for a post!


  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    Urethral sounds…those are scary!

    Er…don’t ask how I know.

    Go here to find some…

    I’d be interested in knowing what you make of them, dear Shay.

  • Aragorn

    Ah, dear Shay, nice post !! Believe it or not, I was about to ask the question on our blog, whether people find new blogs more through comments or side bars. It seems leaving comments is a great way to connect !! I wish people realized this more. Maybe I SHOULD refresh their minds on this … As for your mind, I need to refresh your elementary rules of statistics: what whas the total number of respondents on your poll ? Lol – Big hug sweetie – A

  • ~A-Lo~

    Nice poll…i’m one of the guilty google searchers ;)
    BTW, love your blog, keep up the GREAT work :)

  • JeN

    I’m sure you’ve gotten weirder search terms that those, darlin’
    ha ha ha ; )

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