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Sports Bras and Jogging

I miss jogging.
The gym at my school only has one treadmill and it’s in a terrible location (and is always in use).
Thus, I am left to my own devices for cardio – which means I “jog” on the ellipse twice a week now and do a hardcore weight routine once a week.

Over the holidays I was able to go for a jog on the treadmill at my parent’s gym and it felt SO good!
Jogging feels like more of work-out than the ellipse because I always finish more sweaty and tired after jogging and am ready for a nice long stretch on the mats.
(it’s like comparing masturbating to “real” sex) ^_^

On a related note – I have some health advice for my fellow female joggers (and working-outers).
Wear a good sports bra!!

That’s right, you heard me – wear a good sports bra while you work out – Especially while you jog.

A recent study done at Portsmouth University found that an average woman’s unsupported breasts bounce, independently of the body, an average of 9cm for every step taken

Now guys, I know you’re wishing I would stop now, because you think that watching a woman’s breasts bounce while she walks and runs looks hot. But read on…

The average breast weights 200 – 300 grams, which puts a lot of strain on the connective tissue while these love pillows are bouncing around entertaining people. The outer skin and connective (Cooper’s) ligaments can be permanently stretched and damaged – resulting in irreversible breast sag!

So there you go! A thin t-shirt type sports bra will reduce boob bounce by 38%, but a real sports bra can reduce it by 78%.

Not everyone enjoys saggy breasts, so please protect your breasts and wear a good sports bra from now on.

A health advisory from your friendly neighborhood sex blogger ^_^


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14 comments to Sports Bras and Jogging

  • horny guy

    but treadmills suck. i’m against treadmills cuz they take most of the work out of running. try running 30min on a treadmill then try it actually running. u’ll see and feel the difference.

    i agree about the sports bra tho. besides, girls at the gym look hotter in a sports bra.

  • Shay

    But I don’t like running outside – it’s too hard to keep up a steady pace, and it’s harder work (ew), AND it’s TOO COLD for much of the year (and then too hot for a month).

  • Big Ed

    While I do agree that bouncing breasts are SOOOOO much fun to watch…I agree…nobody likes saggy breasts…

    Heed the advice ladies…for all us guys out there…please heed the advice :-)


  • JeN

    Saggy breasts? Pshhh… I can’t stand the bouncing because it HURTS!
    ow ow ow ow ow

  • Shay

    Gah! I know what you mean Jen!!

  • gigi

    My breasts have nevered bounced in my life!

  • Sheen V

    I agree with shay’s advice, and just want to add that in the summer, don’t cover the sports bra with a t-shirt! Give us guy runners some eye candy!

  • tCj

    Could you describe a “well” sports bra?

    My trouble is finding one that fits me. I’m friggin huge but small (make sense?)

  • vatum & vixen

    Well, from an earlier post, I don’t like bras. Having said that, I’m into health, so, sports bra’s do their boulder holding thingy.
    You go girls!

  • Shay

    Gigi – really? Lucky girl.

    Sheen – lol duly noted, I will do my best when the warm weather finally returns. ^_^

    TcJ – How much support you need kinda depends on how big your breasts are – bigger breasts are really going to need a much sturdier sports bra. I did work in a sporting good store, but I really didn’t have much training for sports bras so I can’t think of any in particular to reccomend to you at the moment – However, I’m sure that if you checked out a proper sporting goods store, or even a jogging store (in Canada we have “The Running Room”) they should be able to show you some nice models. You could also check out the “firm Shock Absorber” – which is the type of sports bra that sponsored the study I talked about.

    Vatum – not even a little little lacy bra? haha I’m glad you’ll at least make an exception for sports bras after reading this ^_~

  • pantylines

    whatever it takes to keep them up there and perky….i am all for good advice, but must admit it is nice to she the ladies bouncing up and down :-)

  • Richard Lovel

    Actually, there are quite a few of us who do enjoy saggy breasts. I love the look of long, stretched, maternal bosoms “that when she walks they sway so gently…”. Believe it or not, there are porn groups devoted to saggy breasts.

  • Anonymous

    i seriously dont believe a womans breasts can be harmed by not wearing a bra. i’ve only done a little research but but i would need some serious doctor studies before i believe a bra prevents any sort of problems. no such thing as sagging because of not wearing a bra.

  • Shay

    The above is a serious study.
    BUT it wasn’t about just wearing a plain old bra, if you actually read the post it’s about how not wearing good SPORTS bras while doing high impact activities can damage the support tissue. Jogging actually damages other parts of your body as well, so this research was no surprise to me.

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