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Toy Reviews?

It feels like it’s been a while since I last did any new toy reviews.
I don’t want to let my readers down, so I checked my goodie drawer last night, only to discover that I am pretty much out of toys to review!

I scampered over to Lovedreamer to pick out some new toys and found myself at a loss…

Would some of you please take a moment and pick out some toys for me to try testing? Please? *insert seductive eyelash batting*

[Keep in mind that I don't have any female assistants to help me test anything - I'm looking at you vatum!]

13 comments to Toy Reviews?

  • Karl Elvis

    I have a suggestion for something you could try out.

    No, come closer, I’ll whisper it to you.

  • DZER

    hmm … can I request nipple jewelry, nipple clips … generall nipple stuff? LOL

    also … a review of oils and the like for taste factor ;)

  • Aragorn

    Hmm, if you promised love-dreamer to get some people surf their site … I am sure that worked … lol. Some things I would love you to experiment with “Spectragel beads”, and penis rings … are you game ? I can add some personal experience comments … lol ! Hugs – A

  • Datingmaster, Jerusalem

    hi honey come over to my site and lets do it

  • Shay

    Horny Guy – haha well If you take a close look at some of my HNT pix, you’ll notice that I don’t have a penis to put in that mold! Cool suggestion tho.

    Karl Elvis – Oh My! What’s this?! tee hee

    Dzer – I’ll look into that, thanks! ^_^

    Aragorn – You wound me! I wasn’t trying to trick people into visiting the lovedreamer site, that just happens to be where I get my toys. *sniff*
    haha let me know when you and orchid are flying out west so that we can set up this toy test ^_~

  • Datingmaster, Jerusalem

    you are right
    a lot of men like me a re having sex 4 times amonth

  • Ajax

    I would be curious about strap-ons. But that may not be your cup of tea.

  • horny guy

    i meant for you to mold one of your “assistant’s” penis. that way you can do a live comparison…

  • Shay

    Ajax – I would LOVE to test a strap on, but don’t have anyone to use it with.

    Horny Guy – haha I dunno about that. It would be fun to do tho.

  • horny guy

    hmm or i can try it and send it to you.. lol hahahaha

  • ledemure

    hitachi magic wand…okay, i know, everyone but me had tried it until resently but damn, that thing is good for everything, caution when using on forehead as it feels damn good there too. perhaps then you could try a drill-do and let us know about that…could be fun with a man that has some power equipment, might not mind a woman shuffling through the toolbox.

  • vatum & vixen

    I am so mad at myself for not seeing this sooner!
    You know, my suggestion would work for an open ended/minded guy friend as well.
    Use your imagination sweetie!

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