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Reader Question – Condom Conundrum

I have a quick sex-related question. *Gasp!* My boyfriend is allergic to latex, so we’re looking at outside options: polyurethane and animal-skin condoms, and female condoms. I haven’t had any experience with female condoms; is there a big difference in effectiveness or pleasure between female and male condoms? Price is also an issue, which latex-alternative option would you suggest?

What a shame that he’s allergic to latex, that must not have been a pleasant discovery!

There are pros and cons to all three of your options:

Animal skin condoms might be a little more comfortable for him to wear because they are thinner and looser, but loose fitting condoms can slip off more easily and animal skin condoms don’t protect against viral infections as well as polyurethane (or latex) condoms do because they have larger pores.

Polyurethane condoms are stronger than latex condoms (and animal condoms), but are less flexible which means they fit more loosely, again, making them more comfortable but increasing the risk that they might slip off. Polyurethane condoms also transmit body heat better (mmm comfy), have a longer shelf life, and can be used with a greater variety of lubricants.
Speaking of lube, you’re going to want to make sure that you use more if you go with this type of condom because in clinical trials they were found to break 3-5 times more often than latex condoms.

Female condoms are another good non-latex option, they are made of polyurethane too so they have many of the same advantages: they can be used with any kind of lube, they transfer body heat better, and they are less constricting for the penis. Female condoms also offer slightly better protection because they cover more area – the outer ring sits over the labia. You can also slip it in well before you start having sex so that you’re really ready when the time comes. But, female condoms are lot more expensive (around $2 PER CONDOM) and can be a bit tricky to put in at first ( here’s a guide for putting them in).

In conclusion I would recommend going with the polyurethane male condom because it’s cheaper, easier to use, and you don’t have any problems with him refusing flat out to put on a condom (which is why some women have to use a female condom). Try the Trojan Avanti, from what I’ve read that’s a pretty good one; it was tested in clinical trials and was found to prevent pregnancy better than the Ez-on condom, though it was a little less comfortable to wear.

Hope that helps!!

7 comments to Reader Question – Condom Conundrum

  • badinfluencegirl

    i don’t really like the avanti myself but i can’t find anything else in town and i too am latex sensitive [get uti's ick]… i wish someone would send me an assorted basket for my lover and i to test and review.

    anyway in toronto come as you are has them at $2/each which is about a buck cheaper than anywhere else.

    anyway they do break and you can sort of rub them to death if you’re having one of those fuckings…

    but they feel a lot better even though the fit sucks. (NO LUBE ON THE PENIS OR THEY FALL RIGHT OFF!!!!!)

  • Shay

    Oh! I had forgotten that we have a non-latex expert in the bloggy-area. ^_^
    Thanks so much for your input BIG!

    Sounds like it would be a good idea to have two forms of birth control in this situation: the pill or an IUD PLUS the condom.

  • ArtfulDodger

    Y’know, you just never cease to amaze me. :) I just never know what I am going to learn next.

  • horny guy

    a friend and I went through a whole variety of condoms cuz she didnt like the smell or taste of some of them. We narrowed it down to a few brands, but we absolutely will never use trojan again.

    BTW, Avanti is made by durex not trojan.. and expensive. its about 13 bucks here for 6. Not 12, but 6. And it unfortunately fits a lot looser than latex condoms so its a little “humbling” when you realize that you’re not as thick as you thought you were… hehe

    The Trojan version is called Supra. Unfortunately its only available with spermicidal lubricant which a lot of my female friends are allergic to.

  • Loving Annie

    My ex-boyriend and I loved Avanti’s…

  • Gadfly

    Off topic, but I love the new banner. Very retro shweet/hottness :D

  • Stealth

    I know this is off topic…but WHEN do we get to vote on your avatar???

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