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Reader Question – Fingerprints of Sperm

Before I make a fool of myself I’d like to congratulate you on having a very exciting and insightful blog. I have a sexual question: A while ago I had quite a romp and by our fourth go at it, I was quite drained; I had no problem keeping it up, but was unable to cum. However that’s not what I’m asking about. The real question is that during this last go, while putting the condom back on (It had started to slip) my partner placed her fingers on the inside in order to pull it back on, like a sock, and accidentally touched the outer side of the condom with precum possibly on her fingers. I should add that I exude a large amount of precum. So, is it possible for a woman to become pregnant from precum on the outside of a condom.

First of all I’m going to assume that after each of the first three times you ejaculated you put on a fresh condom before continuing. Because if you didn’t cum at all then there’s very little to worry about and if you did cum three times in the same condom, well, then you have a lot more to worry about.

So, with the assumptions above and from what you described, I can tell you that there is a small risk of pregnancy, pretty darn small, but still a chance just the same. This is because your pre-cum would have picked up any of the spare sperm still laying around in your plumbing on it’s way out, so there would have been active sperm in the condom and possibly on your partner’s fingers after she touched the inside of the condom.

However, because she would have been touching mainly the bottom part of the condom to pull it back on, there likely wouldn’t be quite as much pre-cum that far down your shaft. I’m also going to assume that she didn’t just smear a big gob of pre-cum on the outside of the condom, I’m sure it was a small amount on her finger and a fingerprint’s worth of pre-cum probably isn’t too much to worry about.

But you asked if there was a possibility, and technically there is. One thing you can do in the future to avoid this is use condoms with spermicide (like nonoxynol-9), that way any sperm hanging out in your pre-cum should be zapped. You could even get some spermicidal gel and smear that all over the top half of your dick before you slip it into the condom, just to make extra sure. ^_^

I hope that helps!

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