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Film Fridays 23 – Slip and Slide Massage

Has it been a long hard week? (heh)
Maybe you need something like this:
That looks like so much fun!!
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7 comments to Film Fridays 23 – Slip and Slide Massage

  • Aragorn

    LOL, how is this massage called ? (so I can ask Orchid to practice). Wow, what happens when he turns around ? Will you post that next … ? Very, very hot !

  • Backdoor Slider

    LOL it does look like fun !!!

    *grins evilly*

    I have the baby oil and air mattress if you have the time Shay *winks*


  • Cayman J

    Now where can I find a massage parlor like that? That would definetly take away th etension of the work week but add some of it’s own.

  • Shon Richards

    Yeah, I feel a cramp coming on right as I read this. Maybe several. Every day :)

  • A Nawty Mouz

    Oh my! That poor man, she’s just using him to massage herself! The selfish girl! Okay, so there was one *oh, oh* moment where she used her oral talents. The evil girl, getting him all slobbery like that … oh, the sensuality

    Thank you mighty Shay for sharing this marvelously salacious slip and slide.

  • Romantic Perv

    I am glad to see that i wasnt the only one to think that SHE could have been enjoying that more than him. Even at the end there she was grinding on his back! Of course that still doesnt negate the fact that it WOULD be fun. LOL

  • Momentarily_Distracted

    I’ll have to remember that if I ever go camping with a very cute guy and he gets a cramp.

    Baby Oil: check
    Air Mattress: check
    Cute guy: *sigh* MIA

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