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HHNT Mother Fucker

You’ve seen the back of this top,
so I thought you might enjoy seeing the front.
Was I right?
You know, I’m not sure how I feel about half-nekkid Thursdays. Personally I enjoy taking this as an opportunity to post something different on my blog and to allow you to get to know the Shay (me) a little better.

On Thursdays you might be to find out something new about me, or find out what I’ve been up to lately, or hear some news about the blog. I might not be fully naked in the pix I post, but do you really need to see my bare breasts to know that I’m sexy?

Anyway, the problem I’ve been having with HNT is with some of the comments I get. I usually like to respond to comments that are left on my blog, but I find that I don’t even want to on Thursdays because so many of the comments aren’t worth responding to!
“yummy! Happy hnt”
“nice shot. Happy hnt”
“very sweet. hhnt”
Or even worse, the dreaded but seemingly unavoidable “HHNT!” comment.
Just the letters and nothing else, apparently the commenter was in just too much of a hurry to leave anything more.
But why are they in such a hurry? Are they breezing though all the blogs with a HNT pic and only have two seconds to acknowledge my existence before continuing their search for free porn? Or are they in a hurry because they are trying to leave a comment on as many blogs as possible in the hopes that 60 people will visit their blog and post, “nice tits, I wanna lic ‘em. hhnt”, so that they can feel like their blog is popular?

You may have noticed that I regularly post some text with my picture, either explaining something about the photo or telling you something more or less interesting about me or my blog.
I know you’re bored.
I know you’re just looking for porn.
But please please please if you’re going to ask a question, read what I wrote. Even more frustrating than the “hhnt”commenters are the commenters asking me or saying something that has already been explained in the body of my post. THE WORDS ARE THERE FOR A REASON (usually)!
*phiew* I’m done ranting now, thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

HHNTTYTMF, you may now continue looking for pix of nude bloggers, let me know if you find anything good.

45 comments to HHNT Mother Fucker

  • :P fuzzbox

    HHNT ;)

  • Shay

    You know, I just knew someone would do that!
    You are a very naughty boy Fuzz and I’ll only take it from you because I know you love me ^_~

  • Lee Ann

    Yes, very nice front! Happy HNT!

  • kowboi

    nice top happy hnt

  • lecram sinun

    So, that’s the front of the clubbing outfit, huh? Good rant BTW… I get those too. :) Cheers and Happy HNT!

  • Robyn

    I think that one of the reasons you leave comments is because when someone stoops by your site and says something, it’s nice to go check them out also… so you go and at first you leave a comment… lol then someone sees ou rlink on their comments and thinks hmm I’ll look at this one real quick, yea thats nice, I’ll say hey… then so on and so forth. It’s the internet, theres n telling who that person is… you just gotta look over some of the slower ones. lol btw, nice shot HHNT! ;)

  • sicilia_vita

    I applaud your HNT stance, your position and also your picture. I love this shot, think it is really, really sexy.

    I find you incredibly sexy and I haven’t seen any nudies of you. The brain is sexy, the writing style is sexy, the interest and knowledge of sex is incredibly sexy, those fingers are sexy, that top is really sexy and just the generous hint of exposed tummy and hips is insanely sexy. All rolled into one. You are sexy, Miss Shay. Hands down.

  • Crimson

    Very cute :) HHNT!

  • Momentarily_Distracted

    You brought a few good points.
    I must admit that besides a newfound fan of Hentai (thanks to you btw), I enjoy reading your articles, mostly because it makes me realize some of the stigmas regarding sex that I’ve been taught growing up are quite stupid and ought to be thrown away with the other old wives’ tales.
    I always come to your blog for advice because it makes me feel better about myself.
    Thanks, Shay! :o)

    I like to think the picture you recently posted of the catgirl with the yarn is me. *giggle*

  • The Melody Censor


    Kidding…I agree 100%. I always write somoething to go with my HNT post, and I’m sure that half the people out there couldn’t be bothered to read it. I personally enjoy the little stories that go with the pics…and find it odd when people just post a picture with nostory…

    And, now I will wish you a happy HNT…and thank you for your rant…I quite enjoyed it!

  • AndyT13

    Hey Shay. Nice top. I can relate to the rant, though when I’m going through 200 people’s posts sometimes ‘Nice shot HHNT’ is all I can come up with. As far as free porn goes generally I find that HNT really isn’t about that by and large. Most people are tasteful. The occasional hardcore people generally aren’t attractive enough to consider porn. :-)Anyway…HHNT!

  • grody jo-dee

    i love the top, but i think the jeans are my favorite thing in that pic.

    happy hnt! (and i never leave just the phrase :))

  • Semi-Celibate Man

    Half-Nekkid is better than nekkid, usually. Give me just a hint. I see a sexy girl in a sexy top. And, I love your articles.

  • figleaf

    The reason a lot of HNT comments are hurried is because a lot of people really are, well, in a hurry. And it’s not so much that they’re looking for skin — though of course many are — it’s also about making contact. If you go to Obasso’s site on any given Thursday there are scores and scores of self-nominations in comments and it’s just fun to visit as many as you can. And past a certain point it can become rote. I try to say more, but that often means I either visit only a few people. Or, more often, I say nothing at all unless I’ve got something meaningful to add.

    Speaking of which, why oh why don’t you have full-size versions of your photos behind the (relatively) thumbnail size pictures on the main page. (If it’s cause that’s all your camera will take then please accept my apologies.) It would be nice to see the detail in your photos (not just your HNTs, though that too) and I think Blogger can do a lot of the work for you.

    Note: If you want people to actually read your post I think the thing to do is put your photo at the end of the text. :-)

    And hey, at least I try to write out “Happy HNT” instead of just HHNT. :-)

    Take care, Shay,


  • Osbasso

    Your rant is one that I addressed in January. You can check it out here:

    Be sure to check the comments that accompany it (even though it says 0 comments). An awful lot of people (well over 100) had an opinion on this subject.

    I’ve noticed a couple of the longtime sexbloggers using HNT in sort of a reverse manner–pulling back on the graphic pictures/stories and being more modest, more “half” than usual. And steering away from physical nekkidness and opening up their personalities, quirks, etc.

    Oh, yeah. HHNT! (that’s the first time I’ve ever used that!) Nice top!

  • Wenchy

    Thanks for writing that. I agree with you 100%. I think HNT is a wonderful way to do something you wouldn’t do every day… get creative and share with others what you have done.

    Btw – I love your fabulous FLAT stomach. Ugh. LOL

  • HNB

    You have such a tiny tiny waist. That’s sexy.

  • Suze

    The front is just fine, you have some lovely curves. Am I seeing a bit of nip there?

    Happy HNT sweetie ;)

  • Backdoor Slider

    Nice top and I am loving the front view!!! Very Very nice abs !

    Gotta love a woman wearing tight jean and an awesome top like that !!!

    oh yeah


  • Romantic Perv

    To be honest I have a hard time (no pun here, really!) keeping track what day it is. It isnt until i run across the first HNT post that it dawns on me that it must be Thursday. I am usually at a loss to come up with something to say to the HNT postings.

    And yes, you were correct..I for one did enjoy seeing the front, although I enjoyed the rant that followed nearly as much.

    Have a wonderful Thursday.

  • Aragorn

    Lol, fun read dear Shay, very well said. I have to agree with Fig on this. I too think that quite a few people browse through many ‘erotic sites’ (whatever that means), to see as much free nakedness as they can. Nothing wrong with that, it is just another type of visitors, not the ones you end up visiting back regularly, or interacting with … For me the HNTs are the little occasional ‘spice’ in the blog, but linking and visiting means I like the blogs content for many more reasons, and, generally, read he posts attentively …

    I’m glad you vented your feelings on this ! And, see … 20 comments already !! LOL …

    Also, lovely and cute picture. I remember wanting to turn you around when you posted the other side of the top …

    Happy HNT (= Happy “Hugely Naughty Thoughts” !!) ;-)

    5:36 AM

  • Cayman J

    HHNTMF to you too. You know I had to do it. It’s ok to rant especially when people are being stupid. I enjoy your pix and hearing more about you. One does not have to see your bare breasts to know that you are sexy and an intellegent young woman. Don’t let idiots and pervs get to you.

  • Shon Richards

    I think after checking out fifty other blogs that morning, people are running out of interesting things to say but still want to leave some sort of positive comment. I read HHNT as shorthand for I see you, I liked it, and I want you to know you did not flash your tits to a empty room.

    Having said all that, I really like the shirt. The design leads the eyes all over the body :)

  • Madame X

    First of sweetie…DAMN those are some kickin curves you got there!

    Secondly don’t be too hard on those who are just passing through and leave the HHNT comment…Think of it like passing a polite stranger on the street and say “How ya doing?” or “Hello”.
    Some people you just stop and talk to others pass by but still they’ve acknowledge your existance and you’ve brightened up their day.
    It’s a win win situation!


  • DZER

    I get that problem all the time — people coming to my blog to gawk at my semi-nekkidness …

    … OK, it doesn’t happen *sigh*

    I love the way that top accentuates the perkiness of the Breasts That Are Shay’s


  • betchacantguesswho

    Love the rant! I’m guilty of the HHNT thing but I do read and try to leave a cute comment. Sometimes I draw a mental blank and just take the easy way out. I shall try to do better in the future. Beginning now.

    Happy[space]Half[dash]Nekkid[space]Thursday[exclamation point][exclamation point][exclamation point]

  • sicilia_vita

    And your subject line made me think fondly of our beloved Strumpet too. See, that is a win-win situation. To see your great HNT shot (that is one lucky dude, being cropped out there) and to think of Strumpet too . . . not a bad way to start the day.

  • JUnderCovers

    Feel better now, sweetie? :) Boy, you shouldn’t carry that kind of resentment around for too long–let it out!! We can handle it. I’m with you, I don’t care for those type of comments, although occasionally I leave them myself. I usually don’t bother commenting if I can’t think of something at least marginally clever to say.

    Now, as for your participation in HNT, we would all miss you VERY much if you stopped. We love our weekly dose of the Shay. And you’re looking quite scrumptious here–dangerous curves there, girl!

    If I ever leave you a half-ass comment again, feel free to sucker-punch me.

  • Shay

    LeeAnn – Thanks :)

    Kowboi – thanks

    LecramSinun – Yup it is. thanks :)

    Robyn – Oh yeah, for sure HNT is a great way to find new blogs and “meet” new people. If no one left comments then we’d never know who’s playing!

    SiciliaPara – You are so sweet! Flaterry will get you everywhere ^_~

    Crimson – thanks :)

    M_D – Hun I’m so pleased to hear that you get so much from my blog, that makes the time I spend writing really feel worthwhile. Thank you so much! (hehe sounds like there’s a lot of us catgirls out there ^_~)

    Melody – Yes! I don’t like it when people don’t say anything with their hnt photo because then I don’t always know what to say in response to a picture of a leg or something. thanks! ^_^

    AndyT – I burst out laughing when I read that last sentence! My roommate complains about the same thing!

    GrodyJoDee – I love those jeans too, sadly they are now reserved for yard work because they have some holes in them. But I did get good wear out of them while they lasted (the pic I posted isn’t recent).

    SemiCelibate – Thanks sweety!! I agree, the hint of nakedness under cloth is pretty darn sexy.

    Fig – Nearly all of the pictures I post are larger than they appear in my posts, but blogger doesn’t always enlarge them when they are clicked. However, often when I use an older picture for HNT there isn’t a larger version available. Thanks for stopping by fig, always a pleasure. And I do apprisiate the effort that goes into typing “happy” instead of just leaving and extra “H”.

    Osbasso – You are a wonderful chairmain of the half nekkid thurday (I will definitely check out that post)! I guess some of us sex bloggers like to change things up for thursdays because we talk about sex every other day of the week – whereas many of the other bloggers don’t and get to use this day to show off their sexiness. Thanks for stopping by O, I know you’re a very busy man. ^_^

    Wenchy – I agree, I love your hnt poems! ^_^ hehe flat stomachs are an illusion (on me anyway), but thanks sweety.

    HNB – thanks hun! ^_^

    Suze – tee hee yeah I think it was a bit chilly. ^_~

    BackdoorSlider – hahaha Thanks ^_~ So this would be a good outfit to bump into you with?

    RomanticPerv – Well at least you can count on my blog to keep you on track – cockblogging wednesdays, half-naked thursdays, film fridays; you’ll never be caught by surprise when the weekend hits.

    Aragorn – true, there’s nothing wrong with searching for the more nekkid pictures posted, but i’d rather hear nothing from them than get a “hhnt” hehe Thanks so much stopping by hun – see I fulfilled your hnt wish for me at last. ^_~

    CayJ – Thanks sweety, talk to you online later. ^_~

    ShonR – thanks so much! I love what you said about how “hhnt” lets people know that they aren’t flashing an “empty room”.

    MadameX – Ooo that’s another one of my peves, when strangers say “how are you” because they don’t actually care! Maybe I’m just a bad person. ^_~ Anyway, acknowledgement is always nice, but nicer when the person takes the time to type at least a few actual words. *kisses back*

    DZER – You know we love to gawk at the sexiness of the Dzer! Like your dimples and your new mini mutton chops! hehe luv ya Dzer!

    Betcha – aww you’re so sweet. ^_~

  • Shay

    Sicilia – awww I miss her too!

    JUnder – awww you’re such a sweety J; that’s it, you’ve convinced me to stay with HNT. ^_~ I think I have taken the easy way to comment myself in the past (“nice pic, happy hnt”) but once I realised how dissapointing it was for me to receive those, i started making more of an effort to either say something clever/nice or nothing at all. No punching sweety, but maybe some spanking ^_~

  • me

    I think my HNT stance is that everyone is really positive, and I like that. You don’t get people coming around being mean or judgemental about other people’s bodies, and I think that’s a step in the right direction in these precarious times (for body image, that is).

    That’s my $0.02. Happy HNT to you! The clubbin’ top is tres cute:)

  • Wino &amp; Wife

    That was a great rant! You should write for Dennis Miller. Anyway, love the pic. Is it warm enough where you are to wear that yet or is a pic from last year?


    Ken :)

  • figleaf

    Oh yeah, also if you’re not sure HNTs fit more column-like purpose of the S-spot you could post them at your other spot instead. In fact I’m sort of surprised you don’t.

    Thanks for the explanation, above, by the way. You know I read the S-Spot for the articles. Your weekly pictures are a very nice bonus though. :-)

    Oh, and did I mention I think that’s a cute top? Or that you look cute in it? Finally, love the jeans too.

    Take care, Shay,


  • Tommy Gunn

    I know exactly what you mean. I read the whole post on every site I visit. I also post stories with my HNT posts too. That usually means I can’t get around to as many as I would like but those I do get my full attention. Love the blouse and this post. HHNT (sorry ;0))

  • steve

    its much more interesting when something is left to the imagination,dont you think the tease is better than blatant “tits out”,,theres plenty of that about anyway

    stef(of the PA)

  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    I hear you about the HHNT thing. I generally try to write something interesting (?!?!?!) to go along with my picture. Not sure if most people read it, but that’s ok.

    That top is extremely cute and sexy. Bet it feels great under the hands too.


  • littleinsomniac

    Very cute and sexy top you’re sporting there! I love the colors, too. :)

  • littleinsomniac

    Just looked up and read always aroused girl’s comment, and realized I pretty much said the same thing about your top. *lol* Sorry, this sucker’s moving slow for me. :(

  • Anonymous

    excuse my while i drool………wow

  • Anonymous

    quite nice, definetly goes well with the redish hair. Now, for a pic of you in that shirt from the back in the tight jeans….what can i say..i’m an ass man

  • Backdoor Slider

    Why yes Shay it would ! *grins* *winks*

  • Lucky Guy

    Amazing look! You are very gorgeous! Show us more please, we will do it on our blog as well

  • ArtfulDodger

    I’ve gotten to the point where I simply write a single comment thanking everyone at once, makes life simpler on thursdays. if someone does ask a specific question I’ll answer it.

    You know how I feel about you already, so kind of pointless saying it again. That’s another thing that sometimes feels weird as a commentor, every week saying the same thing… gosh you are cute, lovely, sexy, beautiful… y’know? It is in fact very obvious isn’t it?

    Although I admit a nice photo of your butt would be nice…

    Happy late HNT sweetie.

  • Desireous

    It is a bit insulting when someone posts and clearly didn’t read a word you said. I know I don’t like it either. Of course the problem is the only people who are going to read your complaint are the ones who already read you. LOL


  • Maikeru

    You may be a fairly thin girl, but your waist and hips have curves that would inspire many men to do all manner of things just for another inch of skin.

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