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A reader e-mailed me a few days ago asking if I thought Kitsune might be related to or if they might be the origin of Cat-Girls.

Kitsune were introduced to Japan from China and Korea, who originally got the idea from India (though the same word is not used in India).

Kitsune refers to a fox spirit. The word comes from two sounds in the Japanese language, kitsu, which is the sound of a fox yelp and is sometimes used to refer to fox, and ne, a word signifying affectionate feeling. So Kitsune ends up kinda meaning a fox that you feel affectionate towards.

Kitsune appear in various forms, sometimes in fox-form (usually with 1, 5, or 9 tails, corresponding with their age/ability/power/wisdom), sometimes as effeminate men, and quite often as young women. When in human form, a Kitsune may still retain some fox traits (like ears and tail) but they are always described as being supernaturally attractive.

Kitsune are hedonistic and demanding; if she appears, she likely wants something and she is willing to ask or just take it from those around her. So, if a kitsune wants you to fuck her brains out, you’re gonna do it – no questions asked.

Kitsune are said to be able to bewitch or seduce men, sometimes using mind control magic with their tails and eyes. While under the control of the kitsune, the victim sees, thinks, and lives in a world designed by the kitsune. The target is controlled by the Kitsune until someone breaks the magic spell.

Not that anyone traditionally took issue with the idea of foxes coming to bang the human mortals – in oriental folklore, animal spirits often attempted to fuck humans and often succeeded. It’s important to note though, that the concept of beastiality does not apply to creatures like the kitsune because they are not animals – they are spirits.
(In case you were wondering, when a kitsune successfully has children with a human male, the babies are also kistune.)

Freedom is very important to the kitsune. They do not take kindly to being forced into something, and do not like being bound or trapped (unless, I suppose, they are searching for a sexual experience involving bondage).
If you tried to keep your kistune lover against her will, she would weaken and could die – and the other kitsune would be very pissed off with you.

It is very possible that kitsune girls are related to cat-girls because they are often portrayed in similar ways; seductive, fond of alcohol, (and horny). But I am not convinced that cat-girls come directly from the kitsune tradition partly because of the kitsune’s association with the god Inari and because they are considered kami (spirits) whereas cat-girls are not.

One modern kitsune that you may have heard about is FireFox-tan (aka FireFox-ko) the sweet personification of the firefox browser. Here she is portrayed in a similar manner as the actual firefox logo:

[A popular (but not very sexy) kitsune legend can be found here.]
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4 comments to Kitsune

  • Momentarily_Distracted

    The second to last picture made me laugh!

  • Romantic Perv

    Since I use Firefox all the time, I just love this picture of FireFox-ko.

  • Aragorn

    Goodness, always more things to learn … Thanks ! I had not heard of these mysterious and erotic creatures … Hugs

  • Darkstarr

    I suspect the link between nekomusume (lit. “cat-daughters”, the Japanese term for catgirls) and kitsune is because in Japanese folktales, both animals are said to have the ability to shapeshift into human form. From the few folktales I’ve heard, cats (esp. white ones) can learn to shapeshift once their tails reach a certain length (they continue to grow throughout the cat’s life, according to legends), and they gain magical powers similar to kitsune. Kitsune can change into human form by digging up a skull, balancing it on their head, and bowing to the moon three times while saying a special prayer–if the fox can bow all three times without the skull falling off, he/she gains the power to assume human form. Kitsune are also shown with more than one tail (and so are some foxgirls) because according to legends, as they age, they grow extra tails over time, up to a maximum of 9, and with each additional tail, they gain weird magic powers such as “kitsune-bi” (literally fox-fire, the ability to throw balls of magic fire, create will-o-wisps, etc.) and the power to create very realistic illusions (similar to the faerie power of “glamour”). Just as American cartoons drew heavily on fairy tales and folk tales from Europe and the US, anime and manga originally drew from Asian folklore. From there, they became “cute-ified” into the nekomimi (catgirls) and fox-girls we all know and love… or at least lust after!

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