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Film Fridays 50 – Healing Touch

Practically everyone likes to get massages,
especially after a hard day on a porno set:

Seriously, I bet porn stars pull muscles and strain things all the time when they are trying to work – just look at the heels the women have to wear half the time!

Now get out there and give someone a massage this weekend!
(Just make sure you ask them first, especially if you don’t know them very well)

From one of my old posts:
Massage, erotic or not, can be a very important prelude to a couple’s sexual activities. When you massage someone properly you can relieve pain and tension in their muscles as well as increase their sense of wellbeing and relaxation. Massage stimulates the nerve endings in the skin which triggers the release of endorphins – the body’s own “feel good” chemicals. Massage is also great for lowering high blood pressure, reversing the damage caused by stress, improving blood circulation, and improving ones mobility and flexibility.

While a nice sensual massage to one’s “naughty bits” can be highly arousing and is excellent foreplay, many find the sensations and arousal even more intense when the massager starts at the extremities and works their way in.

For example, the ears, neck and chest are all erogenous zones of both men and women – a few well placed kisses, nibbles, and rubs (depending on what your partner enjoys most) can prep the nerve endings of the body for more sexual stimulation.

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9 comments to Film Fridays 50 – Healing Touch

  • Cayman J

    Now you see, I think that an erotic massage would help break the ice if you don’t know the person too well.

  • Anonymous

    massages, they do turn me on. either being given one or receiving, both have a unique pleasure

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful Blog…:)
    we will return!
    Inviters Couple

  • Gadfly


    that totally reminded me of my massage therapist. she kinda enjoyed hanging out with me and when I would get my bi-weekly 90-minute massage — she would finish me off with a … well … a rather selective massage ;-)

    I really miss her :-/

  • WryGirl

    Ok am I the only one who thought her boobs were hilarious?


  • Cherrie

    Yes! I want a massage! Actually, Hardin does that for me nightly. No fancy massage table; he just lies next to me in bed and rubs my back. Mmmmmm . . .

    Lovely video, by the way. I agree; start at the toes or fingers and work in . . .

  • tendernfine

    Great post!

    If all the leaders of the world got a massage with happy ending weekly, I think the world would be a much better place.

    Honestly I have the best orgasms when my boyfriend starts with a massage!

    Also, yes I thought her breasts were hilarious!

  • Shay

    CayJ – Unless they don’t like to be touched by people they don’t know very well ^_~

    NB – Yes indeedy! ^_^

    Inviters – glad you enjoyed.

    Gadfly – haha you had a masseuse who would give you happy endings?! You are one lucky fellow!

    Wry – haha I know!!

    Cherrie – You get a massage every night? I’m so jelous!

    Tender – I agree! World peace through massages and handjobs ^_^

  • Cherrie

    That’s not all he does every night, Shay!

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