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Guess what

I’ve decided that I want a german chocolate cake, but I haven’t really decided what to do to celebrate this year.

Any ideas?
Edit: Ideas in terms of blog-related things ^_~

17 comments to Shhhh…

  • ExplorEros

    …I say, spend at least part of your day enjoying the skin you’re in, the same way you celebrated your first ;^)

  • Anonymous

    How about get me over and use me all day long ;) or vice-versa!

  • Anonymous

    A naughty piercing??

  • horny guy

    visit sunny california. :)

  • JUnderCovers

    I think a celebratory tattoo is in order. I’m about ready to take the plunge, maybe we should go together. :)

  • Gadfly

    A firm, bright red birthday spanking!


  • Shay

    EE – I’m sure I will spend part of the day in my own skin only, especially when I take my shower ^_^

    NB – hmm too far, sorry

    BBG – Don’t need one, but nice idea

    HG – I don’t know if Cali is sunny enough for me. ^_~

    J – I don’t think I can get one: how will I ever decide what to get AND where to get it?

    Gadfly – hahaha!

  • exile

    how about a HNT salute to german chocolate cake?

  • adam

    Gadfly, stole my idea!

    I can write you a story, though..

    I promise, it will make you blush, laugh, and wish I’d never dropped “Adam’s Spanking Stories.”

    I’ll just have to get a brand new blog!

    Ummmm…beta, maybe.

    ~~let me think on this one~~

    Shay! It’s YOUR BIRTHDAY, girl! Do whatever makes you happy!..don’t worry ’bout us..(Could you consider the Birthday suit, idea, though)

    You got 14 day’s. Come on, People! I know you can do better than ole Adam!


  • ShyRocket

    Hey babe, stopping in to say “hi.”

  • ShyRocket

    … and Happy Birthday. (hit the send button too quickly) I am sure you’ll be well celebrated ;-)

  • Anonymous

    :O Who said about going there physically! There are many many ways other than that ;)

  • Anonymous

    I offer german cum, not chocolate. It’s real better.

  • Whatever

    Hmmm…a) Birthday related, b) bloggable and c) related to the S Spot eh? OK, how about a picture of “the real you?” That ties in neatly with the whole CB Wednesday thing, and it is your “birthday suit.” :-D Turning it around, so to speak, have a “monster cock-blogging Wednesday” where you show from amongst the pictures you received, your favorites. If none of that works, you could relate something positive that happened this year that made you feel glad that you were alive.

  • ExplorEros

    Well, I think that’s a few votes for the birthday suit…in or out of the shower ;) Tell ya what, you show us yours, and I might just feel obligated to submit for CBW ;)

    Seriously though, I think some sort of special photo you take of yourself or involving the blog somehow would be cool. But really, it’s your day…enjoy yourself with a nice orgasm to start the morning, then see how it goes from there ;)


  • Gadfly

    Adam: You take the left cheek and I’ll take the right and we’ll see which one is redder :D

    Now where did I leave my antique razor strop?

  • horny guy

    you can do the 10 days of Shay’s birthday like the 10 days of christmas… hehe

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