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Product Review – Sweet Celebration Box

Kama Sutra’s Sweet Celebration box is the second of the two Valentine gift boxes that those romantic people at VibeReview sent me.  Boy did Kama Sutra pack this box full of stuff!  There’s a jar of vanilla body soufflĂ© lotion, a bottle of vanilla oil of love, a bottle of rose scented massage oil, a honeysuckle boudoir puff, and a little bag of scented silk white rose petals.  The idea is that this kit is supposed to provide all the things you need for a romantic evening.

At first I was trying to figure out why KS would bother including two different bottles of massage oil (esp since I wasn’t a big fan of the viscosity of their oil of love in the raspberry box); but then EssinEm thoughtfully pointed out that one could use the oil of love as bath oil, rather than massage oil – ahhh.

So, first you would casually strew the scented rose petals around your bed to set the mood; then you would invite your lover to strip and repose on the bed where you would proceed to massage each other with the massage oil; following that you would then move to a nice hot bath, where you added some of the oil of love as you filled the tub; and finally after bathing together, you would rub on some of the body soufflĂ© lotion.  Oh wait – I forgot the boudoir puff!  I suppose you could use that to hang in your closet or in a drawer to scent your clothes (assuming you like the honeysuckle). Right, now that that’s sorted, let’s get on with my review!

What I liked: I loved the scent of the vanilla lotion – it smells like cake icing!  It also worked very nicely as a lotion and my skin felt nice and soft after using it.  The rose petals were cute, I actually first tested them a few weeks ago they are still turning up because a bunch fluttered off the bed and ended up under dressers and things – haha!  Also, the massage oil did have a nice texture (MUCH better than the oil of love) for massagings.

What I didn’t like: Well, with this type product, scent is important and scent preferences can be pretty subjective.  So, just because I find the honeysuckle dust overpowering and wasn’t a huge fan of the strong rose-water scent of the massage oil, doesn’t mean you might not love them yourself.

This product would be great for: people who’d like to get a romantic evening in a box – could be great for couples or even for your next orgy.  ^_~

Kama Sutra’s Sweet Celebration Box gets a sweet 7.5 out of 10:75of10


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