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Product Review – Massage Candle

I recently had the opportunity to test out Bableland’s massage candle, made of scented soy-wax that melts down into massage oil. Since, of course, it’s no fun trying to massage yourself, I enlisted a friend who wouldn’t mind me dripping melted (soy) wax onto their back.

I lit the Mango Vanilla candle, had my friend take off their shirt and lay down on a towel (in case of drippage), rolled up my sleeves and got to work. The candles come with a cute little box of Babeland matches – handy in case you don’t have any yourself.

We were a little freaked out at first about dripping the melted soy-wax onto bare skin – melted wax is HOT, right? But it actually was a perfectly fine temperature, even freshly melted. It’s a bit of a shock at first, but you get used to it – definitely don’t try this with your average votive candle though!

What I liked: I thought all the candles smelled divine, they definitely help set a cozy and relaxing (maybe even romantic) atmosphere. I had a little trouble waiting for the wax to melt enough for me to massage with, so it was lucky that I discovered soy wax really does have a ridiculously low melting temperature – once the candle had softened it a little, I could scoop it out with a little spoon and melt it with body heat as I rubbed it into my friend’s back.

What I didn’t like: I did find this product a little difficult to use, it felt very viscous and thick, even a little sticky. It certainly wasn’t as pleasant and easy to massage with as the Spray-on massage oil. But maybe I just wasn’t using enough of it? I also had some trouble washing it off when we were finished. You definitely wouldn’t want to be rolling around on your clean sheets after using this for a sensual massage because it does get quite sticky.

This would be great for: someones who are looking for something different to try from the range of massage products available. Also, people who enjoy setting up classical romantic ambiance using candles – since this candle has a dual purpose it’s at least twice as good as a normal one. ^_~

For being cute and smelling nice, but being a tad more difficult to use, Babeland’s Massage Candles get a 3/10 from me.These candles are sold in a trio but came to me as part of the fabulous Eco-Sexy Kit.

2 comments to Product Review – Massage Candle

  • Xaeno

    Well, I have to say that the idea of dripping melted wax onto someones back just… seems like such a bad idea. Even if they take all the precautions, Imagine if someone dropped it. 2nd degree burns are not generally effective foreplay.

    Also, am I the only one who sees this banner:
    As the guy being dumped? Might just be me.

  • Shay

    that’s why you’re supposed to blow out the candle first – it says to on the directions.

    Also, I dunno what’s going on in that banner it was drawn for me by a friend, so I’ll ask him. ^_~

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