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CockCUNTBlogging Wednesday 18

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You guys are terrible!
Were you really going to let me get away with not posting this week’s pic?!

Here’s a treat for you, direct from the Sweat Shop Sissy himself. He was able to convince his partner, his goddess, to participate in CBW!
*cue applause*

(click image to make it a little less minty)

See ladies – it’s pretty fun being posted for CBW, don’t be shy about sending in your photos to balance us out!

5 comments to CockCUNTBlogging Wednesday 18

  • exile

    a little cream filling

  • sweat shop sissy

    Holy Doodle;
    That’s ?’s pussy!
    Thanks Shay.

  • Gadfly

    Woah …

    There are so many captivating kinds of pussies.

    But the slim, unobtrusive, diminutive pussy, is one that I’ve only recently come to appreciate. SO demure, yet it can be so wanton …

    Ah dear God..


    I’f you’ll forgive the vernacular. I WANT ME some’a that!

  • Alzirr Mortis Vyktor

    Out of curiosity, If I may ask dear miss Shay, how does one send a picture for CBW? Love your blog, by the way, fun and informative… and moreoften than not, arousing. Keep it up!

  • Shay

    AMV – see that little e-mail address in the top of the right hand sidebar? ^_~

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